Read time out and Connection reset frequently

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by imendel, Apr 21, 2012.

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    Hello gents, I'm very frustated and my users are starting to get mad at me, because my server crashes from time to time (usually less then 3 hours from between each crash).

    It doesn't give an error it just starts throwing Connection reset and Read timed out errors and the server stops responding, I can't use its console and its process CPU usage goes to 99~100% on one core (usually the second one).


    Here's the error log:
    Note that, even though the server stops responding and I can't use the console, it continues to throw errors.

    My plugin list:
    I had 46 plugins, but I started removing some to see if it was them, but I continue to get the error, so it must be one of these.

    When I use CraftBukkit++, I receive a long as f*** error:

    I hope the post is as complete as it needs to be :)
    Thanks for the help.

    Anybody ? :(

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    Have you tried disabling Multiverse?
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    Not yet, but it'd be really hard for me to disable Multiverse, because I have 2 worlds, the city with shops and etc, and the survival world.
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    We deal with the same issue and didnt found any solution. It seems like that it is a bukkit issue and not a plugin issue.
    Disabling WorldEdit, WorldGuard or Multiverse was not successfull too for us.
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    I have the same problem, but i don't find the solution..
  6. i will put myself in the line same problem here wuld realy like to find a solution for it ..

    i can say that the Read Time out was less frequent when i removed jobs plugin . the i tested with McJobs and it came a bit more frequent so i removed that to and now we ar back to around 5-8 h between the crashes, but still the Read Time ou connection reset :S
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    What builds of bukkit are u using?
    We currently use the dev-Build #2156. Since #2157 is out, we might try that out.
  8. i use

    #2156 Dev build going to #2157 soon next time i uppdate the plugins
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    Can't you disable it, run your server for 10 minutes or however long it takes for these errors to usually appear, then report back here later?
  10. i upped the ram dedicated to my os (WIN 7 pro) from 8Gb to 16gb and bukkit still 8gb now the problem went away

    Read timed out
    Connection reset

    anymore .. bukkit mem leak or so cusing this maby ?
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    Get rid of STAB and switch to SpamGuard. That was your problem in the CB++ error. Also update to his latest dev. build.
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    Yeah I know, that error was caused by STAB, but I'm not using it anymore.
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    And the error is still happening?
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    Not that error, but the Read timed out and Connection reset ones.
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