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    Ok so I have a bukkit server and have this one plugin called RandomTP. It requires permission to execute so I tried to ask the author of the plugin to put permission for it but he simply told me to get a permissions plugin.

    So I had no choice but to try a permissions plugin(Turns out it was harder than I thought.) I didn't really understand how to use it no matter how many times I tried.

    So I have been "scouting" for other permission plugins but to no avail. I here by request someone to help me create a permission plugin.

    What is my idea of the plugin is this:
    - Make it so that the current permissions for a normal player doesen't change(maybe you could include the permission in the permissions.yml for editing)
    - Make it so that you can use command /promote to promote players from their
    current one to another

    To start off with actually I am not in favour of pex, bpermissions, etc. because of the fact that I have many plugins. It is really hard for me to put all the "code"(for example randomtp.teleport). If you could do for me the plugin that would be extremely helpful.( Remember to give me the link:p) Other than that, Have a great day!
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    GroupManager is good for permissions and allows you to add ranks

    Just do this command /mangaddp {group} {perm} to add a perm to a class or you can do /manpaddp to add a perm to a person
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    PEX all the way!!
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    I did try but to no avail. I don't understand where to put the permissions.
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    Mhm, Its rather easy after you learn it :) Hope ^^ helps you
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    Ok guys So I have found out a way to use Group Manager but the thing is...whenever I set the group that can't build, they literally can't do anything! They can't even interact with items like button or even pressure plates. What is the permission node for Group Manager for interacting with those items?

    Saved My L
    Saved my life Thanks!!! :D

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    You need to promote yourself as owner so you have all perms COMMAND: /manpromote {user} Owner
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    nope. What I meant is I want the players to not be able to build and just interact with blocks of my preference. I need to know the permission node.

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