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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by mbaxter, Jun 16, 2012.

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    Shame a lot of people don't read the read-me-first -.-
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    We could make a gigantic, flashing, neon, seizure-inducing [READ ME FIRST] banner at the top of the page and people still wouldn't read it.
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    Mainly cause most people will get seizure :p
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    Can we add a category for ender chest -.- and for grief roll backs.... Or not to put [EASY] on there request cause I'd like to see the person who makes the giant request try and make the plugin THEN say it was easy -.-
    People probably think the search bar bites or something... Or that putting [Easy] magically makes it easier....
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    Does anyone remember what happen when youtubers played Survival Games, The Walls, The Golden Crown? All the request well now that they played TF2 I bet some people are gonna ask for it, then when they realize its for the snapshots there gonna ask for it to be automatic without redstone and working for 1.3.2 without the command blocks and such. This is just a guess cause almost everytime a youtuber plays something everyone wants to play it and then bukkit get spammed with request. :p
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    That's how most people are. They see an idea, they copy it, blatantly and obviously.
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    i'm gonna go and request it :3 And see peoples reaction :p
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    mbaxter Would you mind adding a plugins-per-world (multiworld plugin management) to the impossible list?
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    Its not impossible, just VERY restricted, like, if you make a command to return "hi"

    You can make it run ONLY in that world, but you can also disable the plugin when noone is in the world, then reenable when they are, but really, its a waste of time, theres no point needing 4 different iConomy's for each world.
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    Ok, let me tag some people with the awesome power of editing. :3

    pyraetos md_5 TnT

    Would you mind adding a plugins-per-world (multiworld plugin management) to the impossible list? There have been a lot of requests for this.
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    Why not mbaxter ? He did make this post :p
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    too easy to confuse with "can't make a plugin that works on just 1 world" so i'd avoid adding it
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    Yay you came when I tagged you! (Claps)

    Quick question why do i see my self on the side like under mbaxter picture mine is there

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    That's been there for a while now. :p

    I think that's there to attract users (if they see their avatar, they might be interested to click on it?), but I'm curious as well. :3
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    Hey mbaxter

    You couldn't change the
    bit could you? Believe it or not I've seen people actually put it thinking it was when you thought of the idea not when you wanted it by XD
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    MrBluebear3 there's nothing I can do to account for intelligence lack thereof :)
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    Are you suuuure you won't add a "Per-world Plugin Manager" to the Possibility list? I've seen so many requests, people just don't know it's not possible. I feel like it definitely belongs on any Bukkit "not possible" list...

    How about (Notice the "other plugins" part :p):
    • Toggle other plugins on/off in certain worlds (ask the developer of that plugin for multiworld support)
    Pwetty pwease?
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    I thought someone made this (can't remember who, but it was private)
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    It's been done but it's only possible with a way that involves complicated proxying.
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    With the exception of slimes and magma cubes... you can change their size to be as big (or small) as you want, and even turn them upside-down!

    EDIT: WTF? Two quotes? I keep deleting the quote tags it keeps adding... it just adds them after I click "Save Changes" :(
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    (Create a new block or item.)
    POSSIBLE with 1.4! Only no new textures.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Nope, it's still impossible. A renamed item still has the properties of the original.
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    Those appear if you've posted in the thread. XenForo's focused all around discussion. :p
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    <--- Starts wishing for a window to pop up with this thread when the Post New Thread button is clicked.

    Terms and Conditions may apply, Click Accept Here!!!
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    Yes, whenever you make request and click the "Post Thread" button, it should ask you if you read the [READ ME FIRST] thread before you post it.
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    Amazing idea, maybe for your first 5 threads in this section it shows up.
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    A wasteland generation plugin, kind of like bananaspace, but it generates a normal world, with little trees, destroyed buildings, dirt not grass... kind of like the wasteland mod, but for bukkit
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    Is it possible for a person to code a plugin that when they shoot an arrow from a bow it shoots a wither skull instead?
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    Wait so can I just request a plug-in I want to be Maded?
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