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    This post is now outdated and replaced by the below link:

    Before you request a plugin you should read this:

    What plugins are not able to do:
    • Create a new block.
    • Create a new item.
    • Create a new weapon.
    • Create new armor.
    • Create new food.
    • Show a picture to a player (except maps).
    • Show a video to a player (except maps).
    • Push things in a smooth movement like the original pistons. (Could be possible with Beta 1.7)
    • Create a new monster.
    • Create a new animal.
    • Change the size of a mob.
    • Check if a player has a texture pack/mod installed.
    • Play music/a sound (Would require an Audio Client, Existing Noteblock sounds can be played).
    • Force a player to join (except NPCs).
    Please post things I missed on the list.

    Plugins are only able to modify what a server can do. Not what the game can do.

    If your plugin you want to request has to be able to do one of those things, then please don't bother a plugin developer with reading your post.

    Thank you for reading this.
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    Why can´t I find the quote button..... But ok:
    If Notch has released his modding API then the list will be shorter.
    Should be jebb, shouldn't it?
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    Plugins can block player commands?
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    what do you think?
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    Yes, plugins can deny a player's command to the server.

    All of Mojang is releasing it along with Bukkit. :D

    I do believe that Bukkit Administrators already made a post like this and made it a sticky. :p
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    is it possible to make a plug in that allows for people to control a pig once mounted? or is that outside the relm of plug ins?
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    Possible but not with keys you would have to use a command or clicking in the direction
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    but what about omegaspout that has a spawn block thingy how does that work?

    they have a telaportation block that sends you to spawn

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    Redirect players to the Spout request forum, please. ^-^
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    I find it funny that this has been stickied since 8 months ago and hasn't been updated since. Spout is a pretty huge plugin and the client is as simple download and use as the vanilla client, yet this thread does not take it into consideration (and instead shoots it down).

    ChrizC could we get an official version of this thread stickied, which takes Spout into consideration? Cause virtually everyone knows about it, and this thread would only discourage requests from people that do not fully know about Spout's capabilities.
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    Oh damn, it's already been a month since I posted this, lol. Seems like this thread is dead, or at least in some major updates and revisions. Time has flown by so quickly.
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    Is it possible to play a sequence of noteblock sounds with just waiting between the sounds to play when using a command?
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    ya also it can let players fly on blocks i dont know if someone sayed it but it true cause you look at plugins like observercube or magic carpet that let players fly and also the plugin im making
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    Just saying, not sure if i'm right but, for the list, "cannot create new potions". Not sure if it's needed added, or possible.
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    i challenge anyone to try to make a plugin that evades the laws of bukkit science. if anyone can make a plugin that will not require and mod clients or an additional help besides the plugin then we all will know to crown that guy/girl king of plugin making. maybe just a plugin that aloud mods in the server without and players needing anything but the regular minecraft download.
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    It's not a matter of breaking the laws of bukkit science, rather, breaking the laws of Minecraft science. Technically ALL of these things can be done with bukkit, but not with vanilla Minecraft, hence needing a modded client to support these things which are not possible otherwise.

    Bukkit can accomplish just about everything on this list, but unless Minecraft supports it, it is not possible. Spout is fighting this dilemma by modding the spout client with information from the spout server.
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    yet the day that this will be done, it should be a great day. everyone will be talking about it through out the gamming community.
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    Do you think you can make/know anyone who can make dinosaurs? kinda like the Jurassic mod
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    post this in plugin request.As in make a thread in plugin req
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    That's why "Spout" is for that.

    Try to use Punishmental (or something like that).
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    The people who create bad requests don't usually read these.
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    I could reformat this and repost it but updated if anyone wanted...
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    What would you change?
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    Make it easier to read and add the option for things like Spout and Tekkit... Instead of outdated ItemCraft. Add a couple of links to ModloaderMP things and Bukkit SSP ported mods...
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    Actually this Isn't all that true,

    You can create a new Block/Item, But you CANNOT Change the texture :)

    "Diablo Drops"
    Creates a NEW Level of enchantments on your weapon
    i.e. A sword with sharpness IX
    Or a pogostick, Which lets you jump when "mouse.right.click" Is pressed down :p
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    No the post is correct. All you can do is give the user a block with custom lore/name. You can however make a plugin that follows that block/item around and make it do special things. This however is not a new block.
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