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    This post is now outdated and replaced by the below link:

    Before you request a plugin you should read this:

    What plugins are not able to do:
    • Create a new block.
    • Create a new item.
    • Create a new weapon.
    • Create new armor.
    • Create new food.
    • Show a picture to a player (except maps).
    • Show a video to a player (except maps).
    • Push things in a smooth movement like the original pistons. (Could be possible with Beta 1.7)
    • Create a new monster.
    • Create a new animal.
    • Change the size of a mob.
    • Check if a player has a texture pack/mod installed.
    • Play music/a sound (Would require an Audio Client, Existing Noteblock sounds can be played).
    • Force a player to join (except NPCs).
    Please post things I missed on the list.

    Plugins are only able to modify what a server can do. Not what the game can do.

    If your plugin you want to request has to be able to do one of those things, then please don't bother a plugin developer with reading your post.

    Thank you for reading this.
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    Very helpful and definitely should prevent some bad requests!


  3. You should just edit your post a little to make it clear that this is only temporary. When a client mod comes out these things will be possible :D. A very helpful post though!
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    @Pencil ItemCraft runs mods as a plugin. This is about normal plugins.
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    It's a plugin, and in the end there are more blocks :p You can't deny that
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    Isn't that called a ban?
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    oh yeh
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    Yes, but plugins that require client mods are not supported.
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    It's in release, it adds items, at least he should add a note that it's possible..

    Oh :p He did ^^
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    Well ItemCraft is able to do that stuff only because everyone needs to have client mods to connect to the server.
    It's still not possible in the server itself without client-side mods right now.
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    All of those (Except the ItemCraft plugin) notes make this list more confusing. Just put a note at the bottom that says something like "A client mod can make many of these things possible." Then add a link to ItemCraft, and perhaps BukkitContrib.
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    Well, you can force a player to sleep.

    ((CraftPlayer) player).getHandle().a(x, y, z);
    Where x, y, z are the coordinates of the HEAD of the bed.
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    Edited. But does it also work at day?
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    Well, this function only emulates player clicking the bed.

    For enforcing them to sleep even when it's day, it should be probably something like (not tested)
    EntityPlayer ePlayer = ((CraftPlayer) player).getHandle();
    EntityTracker entitytracker = ePlayer.b.getTracker(ePlayer.dimension);
    Packet17 packet17 = new Packet17( ePlayer , 0, i, j, k);
    entitytracker.a(ePlayer, packet17);
    ePlayer.netServerHandler.a(ePlayer.locX, ePlayer.locY, ePlayer.locZ, ePlayer.yaw, ePlayer.pitch);
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    Oh ok. Are i j and k the location?
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    You might want to specify what you mean on this one, because you can in fact play the sounds and music that are already in the game.
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    First part = depressing,

    Part about players need a mod to play = SWEET, that is fine..
    So a complete new item consists of a "server side plugin" AND (&&) a "client side mod"

    I dont see the problem in demanding if players want full pleasure of the server you need a sertain mod.
    I see many servers recomending special textures and mods allready.

    Which means there is hope for a Bukkit server running something similar to Buildcraft ;)

    TY for your very informative post.. It was enlightening.
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    It is a bukkit mod, not a plugin.
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    EntityPlayer, EntityTracker, Packet17 and CraftPlayer cannot be resolved to a type.

    1. entitytracker.a(ePlayer, packet17);
    2. ePlayer.netServerHandler.a(ePlayer.locX, ePlayer.locY, ePlayer.locZ, ePlayer.yaw, ePlayer.pitch);
    3. ePlayer.netServerHandler.sendPacket(packet17);

    Works fine.

    The whole code:
    public void onPlayerInteract(PlayerInteractEvent event) {
    if (event.getClickedBlock().getType() == Material.BED_BLOCK) {
    Location loc = event.getClickedBlock().getLocation();
    Player player = event.getPlayer();
    EntityPlayer ePlayer = ((CraftPlayer) player).getHandle();
    EntityTracker entitytracker = ePlayer.b.getTracker(ePlayer.dimension);
    Packet17 packet17 = new Packet17(ePlayer, loc.getX(), loc.getY(), loc.getZ());

    entitytracker.a(ePlayer, packet17);
    ePlayer.netServerHandler.a(ePlayer.locX, ePlayer.locY, ePlayer.locZ, ePlayer.yaw, ePlayer.pitch);

    Red text = wrong code

    Do I need scrap bukkit or something?
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    You need CraftBukkit to compile this. Also, you need to import it.
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    Ok thanks
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    1. I said (except maps). Didn't you see that?
    2. I'll remove that one from the list.
    3. Requires BukkitContrib.
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    The question is, when will notch release the mod API so we can start converting these into mc mods? My question is... wouldn't this make bukkit/canary obsolete?
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    3. It doesn't actually require Spout(bukkitContrib) at heart, its a feature of part of zombe's mod, its not sensing if the mod is installed.
    The API is releasing the sourcecode, and it wouldn't make bukkit obselete, because bukkit offers easier to install, plus better ways to connect.
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    Has Notch ever done a good job when it comes to SMP? :p

    Half of this list is or will be possible thanks to Spout and whilst you can argue Spout isn't natively supported and some of the features require a client sided modification, truly the whole barrier around it seems to have been brought down and Developers are adopting it rather quickly...

    The goal of this is to keep the requests feasible right? Make sure nothing impossible is requested?

    Well, I dare say, like Spout or not, but it made it possible without making a chaos out of Bukkit.
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    Lol this whole thread needs to be inactive and re-written, Spout enables everything on this list to be done (except for maybe forcing a player to join). Yeah, spout is a dependency for these to work, but still, every single one of these things CAN be done now through a plugin.
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    That's not true. You can't add new items, blocks or entities using Spout as far as I know. And the title says plugins not spout plugins.

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