Re-generate Areas after a certain time

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    Suggested Name: AreaRegeneration

    Idea: So my idea is that basically you make a selection with world edit (or you could implement a different way of selecting mass amounts of blocks) and with a command, it would save that area as a schematic. Then for each selection you can set it so say when they type a command it will wait for <time defines in config or by command> seconds then the area will turn into i guess you could call it a passive mode, where everyone can pvp, destroy blocks etc. Then after a certain amount of time, again can be defined, it will stop this passive mode, and the area will be re loaded from the schematic. When it isnt in this passive mode you cant pvp or break blocks, and everyone won't take damage.

    (Command - Permission)
    /ar new <area name> -
    /ar setnonpassive <area name> <time in seconds> - arearegeneration.set.nonpassive
    /ar setpassive <area name> <time in seconds> - arearegeneration.set.passive
    /ar start <area name> - arearegeneration.start
    /ar stop <area name> - arearegeneration.stop (When they do this the countdown must have started, when they stop it, then start it the timer will reset)
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    bwfcwalshy Retired Staff

    just point out there is a spelling error, 5th line and 14th word you wrote mod not mode just point that out there.
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    Indeed. :D

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