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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Redyugi, Aug 1, 2011.

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    I am embarking on a quest to create the ultimate dungeon plugin for my server. However, I would like to actually release one of my plugins for once, and as such, I am opening up this thread.

    RCD will rely on Heroes and Spout and will make some epic dungeons possible.

    Features implemented:
    None (Ideas only right now)
    Features planned:
    (Red = low, pink = medium, green = high)
    • NPC spawning
      • Talking
      • Quest giving (through EpicQuest maybe?)
      • Dueling
      • Item giving/taking
      • Teleporting
      • Healing
    • Mobs
      • Classes from Heroes or from config
      • Cast spells
      • Different health for each mob
      • Colored names for leaders
      • Groups of mobs
      • Paths for groups
    • Chat only in party chat (Configurable for each dungeon)
    • Area events (Have something happen when you walk in)
    • Warping to a dungeon
    • Mining events
      • I am making a Herobrine dungeon, and one of the things is they might see diamond, try to mine it, and then... something. Turns to lava, etc
    • Rewards
      • EXP
      • Items
      • economy?
    • Building world
      • God mode
      • time set
      • self item giving
      • inventory only for this world
      • Saves only the dungeon
    • World for instances
      • Multiple instances allowed in said world
    • Instances
      • Timer on group death for despawning the instance
      • Walk back to instance to get in
      • Can be revived, teleported
    Progress: 0%


    Ideas or suggestions, anyone? I am sure I'll remember something later and edit/add to the list so... :)
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    Updated the ideas list. Got the inspiration of instances from __Zenith__ 's TempleCraft plugin.
    Anything to add before I start my major work on this?
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    Sprout? are you sure it's not Spout?
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    Love that idea. Thanks XD
    What I get for posting it originally when I am exhausted.
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    Haha, it's all good :p
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    Notifying @MalcolmLC , Github is up, and a really basic source is up. Been busy so I haven't really worked on it, but...

    My server is shutting down, due to monetary problems, so I won't be able to test the strain or the party aspect of this.

    Task for today, get something done finally. XD
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