Inactive RareItems - Collect enchanted items you can take between servers

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    Earn enchanted items you can take to other servers (that use this plugin)!
    RareItems is based on the philosophy that if something is rare or unique it is therefore more valuable, which is something Minecraft often lacks.

    • Earn powerful items
    • Take earned RareItems to other servers that have the plugin installed
    • Trade with other players on authorized trade servers
    RareItems are generated with random properties for random players on a central database that all servers with the RareItems plugin can read from. Each RareItem has a specific persistent ability or spell it can cast.

    These enchantments generally come with a cost however, which is configurable as food (default) or XP. Additionally only a certain (configurable) amount of RareItems can be active at a time, the rest are kept in storage.

    When will my players start getting RareItems?

    Short answer:30 minutes to a few days

    Long answer:
    Every 15 minutes there is a chance someone will receive a rareitem, this chance will increase with the number of players active in the database.

    As soon as your server comes online players joining will immediately be put in the lottery for receiving RareItems.

    I've attempted to make the handouts as far as possible, and to throttle players and handouts in ways that make it so everyone has a fair chance to get an item.

    All that said, at the end of the day it is random, so you may not immediately see your players get RareItems.

    • rareitems.claim - Able to check out/in rareitems using /ri claim
    • rareitems.return - Able to return blank copies of a lost item using /ri return
    Notably there are no commands to distribute RareItems; it is up to the apathetic hand of fate who receives an item and who does not.

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