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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by BaxterCoding, Jan 1, 2015.

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    Hello, so i need some help on coding a custom plugin that lets users do /rankup and then promotes them to the elevated rank, but i want the plugin to support scoreboard, so it tells them how much it costs to rankup to the next level, and what level they are at currently.

    Now I know that there is already a plugin like this out there but that is too much messing around and does not have some of the features that i want it to have.

    If you can help please comment down below.

    Thanks in advance.
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    @extended_clip please may you help me with this issue?
    Thanks @mrCookieSlime can you please check my other thread and see if you can help me with that?
  6. @BaxterCoding I've used it before, what doesn't work? What errors are you having?
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    Okay, so when i make the ranks, and try do /rankup nothing happens i get an internal error. @bwfcwalshy
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    Then please show us your error. Errors are not your enemy. They are helpful.
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    Well, since then i have removed the plugin and its files so i dont have them anymore. I need to know how to layout the rankups.yml but i cant figure that out because the Bukkit page i dont understnad. @mrCookieSlime
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    I will pastebin a more updated version of a very descriptive rankups.yml that has all updated entries and values as that one is a bit outdated.

    You should really create your rankups by command so it populates the rankups.yml for you without you needing to copy paste anything.

    /ezadmin createrankup A B (cost)
    /ezadmin createrankup B C (cost)

    And so on....
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    If your servers using bukkit 1.7.10 get a version of EZRanksLite under 1.6 of those version of EZRanksLite are made for 1.8
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    Okay, so I updated to 1.8 and installed the latest version but when the do /rankup nothing happens?
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    @BaxterCoding >.<

    There are 2 possibilities:
    a) An error occurs when doing /rankup
    b) An error occurs when enabling the plugin.

    So please tell us the error (and maybe the config file(s))
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    Send us your rankup.yml and config.yml file. We maybe can help you with it.
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