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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by AlwaysAllstar, Aug 17, 2019.

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    Plugin category: Teleportation

    Minecraft version: 1.14

    Suggested name: RandomWarp

    What I want: I want to teleport players to a random warp that I set. I have Essentials and the warping system is great but I can't teleport them to a random warp like I want. It would be nice to have a plugin to do something like "/rwarp set <name> <group>" and "/rwarp del <name>" so I can create new warps in a specific group and then delete them if necessary. Then being able to place down a sign with "[RandomWarp]" on the first line and "[<Group>]" on the second so people can simply click the sign, and be teleported randomly to one of the warps in that group. I know there are random teleportation plugins but many of them I either can't set a limit on the distance, limit on height, blacklist certain blocks, etc. It would be a lot easier and convenient to just teleport them randomly to already defined locations.

    Ideas for commands: /rwarp set <name> <group>
    /rwarp del <name>
    /rwarp (Teleport randomly if only one group, /rwarp <group> if multiple groups)

    Ideas for permissions: rwarp.setup - Permission to create/delete warps and warp signs
    rwarp.sign.use - Permission to use the warp sign
    rwarp.command.use - Permission to do /rwarp or /rwarp <group>

    When I'd like it by: August 24, but anytime is greatly appreciated really :)
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    In what way do you want to give/remove permissions from players?
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    Hey I’m very sorry for the late reply! I use LuckPerms as my permission plugins with groups set up in thag so I’ll just give them the permission there.
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    Hey are you still planning on doing this? I don't mean to rush if you are I just want to know if its being worked on or not.
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    I'm still on it. I'll let you know once I'm done (or run into an error)

    EDIT: How do you set the groups? I've never worked with LuckPerms or any other permission plugin.
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    Ok thank you so much! I just created a YML file that has the group name, permissions, and most of the time the plugin has a prefix option. I use commands in game to move users to different groups. It looks like this:
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    Alright, to be clear, this is how I understand your request:

    - You type /rwarpset <name> <group>
    Now the players location who executed the command gets added to the "pool" with this name and only people who are in this group can teleport there.
    - You type /rwarpset <same name> <group> (at a different location)
    Now the location gets added to the "pool" with this name again.
    - A player types /rwarp <same name>
    If the player is in the correct group, they'll be teleported to one location from the "pool" (from the given name), which was determined randomly.
    - You type /rwarpdel <name>
    If your postion matches an existing location from the "pool" with the name, it gets removed.
    Am I correct, or did I misunderstood something?
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    I'm very sorry I shouldnt have used <name> or <group> by that I mean <warp name> and <warp pool> so you do /rwarpset <what you want the warp to be called> <the pool you want the warp added to> so I stand somewhere and so for example:
    - I stand somewhere and do /rwarpset bank warps
    - I stand somewhere else and do /rwarpset park warps.
    Then I can do /rwarp warps and it'll teleport me to either bank or park because those are the warps in the pool warps. If I wanted a different pool of warps to teleport to I would
    - Stand in a location and do /rwarpset place1 pool2
    - Stand somewhere else and do /rwarpset plade2 pool2
    so now the pool pool2 consists of the possible warps of place1 and place2 which I teleport to by doing
    - /rwarp pool2
    and I would randomly be teleported to either place1 or place2 because they're in the pool pool2 but I couldt't be teleported to bank or park because they're not in the pool pool2. Say I wanted to delete the warp bank then I'd do
    - /rwarpdel bank warps
    then the pool warps will only have park in it and no longer has bank. (in the thread I put just /rwarpdel <warp name> but I suppose <warp pool> would also be needed in case two pools have a warp with the same name so the delete command would be /rwarpdel <warp name> <warp pool>). Then for signs I'd put
    - [RandomWarp] (First line)
    - pool2 (second line)
    Then whoever clicks the sign will be teleported to a random warp in the pool pool2 if they have the permission (rwarp.sign.use)
    Again I'm sorry for the confusion, and I apologize for the length of this reply I just want to be as detailed as possible. I shoule've been more clear in the original thread that is completely my fault.
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    Alright, here we go.
    I did some slight adjustments (like swapping around pool and location in the pool/place) but overall it should fill your need.


    • /rwarp (RandomWarp.command.use)
    If only one pool exists, it teleports you randomly to one place in the pool. Otherwise it shows the player a list with all the available pools and all their possible places (only the name of the place, not the coordinates).

    • /rwarpset <warpPool> <locationName> (RandomWarp.setup)
    If the warpPool already exists, it's going to add the location to the pool (names cannot double within the same pool). Otherwise it's going to create a new pool and add the location to the pool.

    • /rwarpdel <warpPool> <locationName> (RandomWarp.setup)
    Deletes the location from the pool. If the pool doesn't have any locations in it after this, the pool will be deleted.

    • /rwarpsigns (RandomWarp.sign.list)
    Lists all the existing WarpSigns with their pool and own location (so you find all of them easily).

    • /rwarplocs (RandomWarp.setup)
    Lists all the existing pools with all locations including names and coordinates (again, so you find them easily)

    The last two are probably better off only for admins.

    Creating signs is just as you described.


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    Thank you so much!! Its working perfectly! There's one small thing if you wouldn't mind changing:
    The teleport message to 'Teleporting...' in orange like this:
    Instead of 'You were teleported to <warp name> from <warp pool>!' I'm really sorry for asking you after you've already done so much, I don't have the software and I don't want to mess anything up. Thank you so much again I really appreciate it! :D :D
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    Let me know if you need anything else :)

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