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    Plugin category: Teleport

    Suggested name: NotSoRandomTP

    What I want: So I need a plugin that random teleports you when you do a certain command, or when you press a button (but not every button). But the difference about the plugin I want is that it's not a randomtp, but a teleport random but you select the places where they should teleport, for example:
    To join the arena, instead of they just spawning in a certain place, they had a chance to spawn in where I set the command /setrndtp 1, /setrndtp 2 etc...

    Ideas for commands: The main command /setrndtp +args and maybe a command like /setbutton to set a button to teleport to them.

    Ideas for permissions: notsorandom.set (this would make a person have the /setrndtp command)

    When I'd like it by: ASAP

    Thanks :)
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    So you want a random TP plugin that you set the locations, and a certain button is clicked to teleport the player? Seems simple enough. I'll start on it tonight.
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