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  1. Hello.​
    I want a few plugins made for my survival server. If anyone would please make these for me because I can't find just what I'm looking for.​
    1) Particles (With Menu)​
    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: ECParticles

    What I want: What I would want this plugin to do is that you can select different particles from a menu when doing /ecp. Then you would have a list of particles to choose from.

    Ideas for commands: /ecp /ecp off /ecp on.

    Ideas for permissions: ecp.on ecp.off ecp.use

    When I'd like it by: By the 30th of November (Server Launch)​
    2) RandomTp​
    Plugin category: Teleportation

    Suggested name: EcRTP

    What I want: What I would like this plugin to do is that you can set a series of locations using the commands /ec setloc. Then you'd be able to put "ECRTP" on a sign with "[ ]" so it would tp you to any of the locations that were set with the command. I would also like something that removes all the locations.

    Ideas for commands: /ec setloc /ec remloc /ec listloc /ec resetloc

    Ideas for permissions: ec.admin (gets all perms) ec.set ec.remove ec.list ec.reset

    When I'd like it by: The 30th of November (Server Launch)​
    Thank you for your help! ~Jj​
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    Do you want it so if the sign only has one line filled in as "[EcRPT]" it will to you to a random place, but if you have a second line it will teleport you to the spawn name on the second line? And if the defined spawn name doesn't exist, it will just teleport you to a random one.
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    And when a player dies should they teleport to a random spawn?

    EDIT: And what about when a players joins?
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  6. nverdier
    When a player dies they should be tp'ed to spawn right away (like normal)
    New players should just be like default, and when they wanna use the sign, it'd be at spawn. They can click it if they want to use it.
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    JjsanchezIsAwesome So the only time someone goes to the spawns you set with this plugin is when they click on the sign?
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    So you set all of the spawns with the plugin I'm making. People will never go to these spawns when they join or die, only when they click on the sign. Correct?
  9. Correct.
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