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    Plugin category: Teleportation
    Suggested name: Random Portal Location (Something similar to that).
    What I want:
    So basically what I want is a plugin that randomly teleports players to a random location. I want the plugin to also have it so players can do a random teleport to a certain world. I don't want any messages when the player teleports as well. So basically what they do is select a region with world edit and then they do /rpl create <name> <world>. When they walk in that region, I want them to get randomly teleported to <world>. Hopefully someone can make this for me because I've tried basically every random teleport plugin but none of them do what I want them to do.
    Ideas for commands:
    1. /rpl create <name> <world>
    2. /rpl remove <name>
    Ideas for permissions:
    rpl.use (the portal).
    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible please!
    Thanks guys!

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