Randomly sort a command with another command

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    I really need a plugin like that...

    The demand
    A plugin to lunch, after a random delay "x", one or more commands defined in one or more files, each after a random delay "y" ; xxx times ; concerning a player connected and present on the config file. And a second command to stop the process.

    config.yml contain :
    #list of players concerned, they need too to be connected
    [players] = toto,mojojo,picsou64,etc

    x1.yml contain :
    #The numbers are a randomly timer in seconds. ";" is a separator.
    #this random do 2 commands, in the order :
    -80-1500/ban [player];80- 80-1500 /unban [player]
    #this random do 1 command :
    - 8-1000/kick [player]
    #another bad exemple with 3 commands...
    -50-15000/msgall One event will be begin; 5-15;/acommandtospawnmobs... 500-1500;/msgall Event is terminated...

    x2.txt contain : other packets of commands...
    x3.txt, x4.txt...etc contain : other packets of commands...

    The command :
    #x1 is an exemple of file that contain the commands (see above)
    #140-8000 is an exemple of delay
    #150 is an exemple of the number of time that the command is launched :
    /yourplugin x1 140-8000 150
    /yourplugin stop x1(or x2 x3...)

    It's a new idea that will interest a lot of people.
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    I don't understand why you want randomly execute eg. /create world but I can write this plugin ;)
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    It was an exemple.

    How many time do you think you need ? :)
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    Hmm, I've got another project right now, but I'll try to write it until friday (I hope it'll be done earlier).
    Is that good for you?
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    It is true that I'm in a hurry and I'm looking for solutions. Friday, you think you can do the first, 2 or the 3 features ?

    Thank you :).
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    I can write plugin with all features from your request (random command from selected list after random period with random username). Is that all? :)
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    Great great great !

    If I donate you now, you may dev it more quickly ? :D

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    I'll dev it as soon as it is possible, even without donation. But ofc (like everyone else) I like donations ;)
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    Ok, np.
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    My demand has a lot evolved...

    But Elon_Than "will try to find some time in weekend." Oh yeah thank you -_-'

    Thank you

    It's like a macro, and coupled with a scheduler, it's great...
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    I lost 4 days vital to believe "Elon_Than" who said he would do the plugin, but he changed his mind... I want to hang myself. Someone else can be volunteer? I made ​​a donation (not a purchase, moderators :) ) for that.

    Please contact me...
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    You requested simple plugin, but via PM you changed it to more complicated thing and I'll lost too much time for that. And there is very high chance that you'll change your request again.
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    The problem is that you lied... my server is in danger because I trust you. :/

    And nop, no changing now... I know it was wrong to change the plugin request, but I was not able to do easier... I tried to be as cool as possible -_-

    This plugin will interest everyone who automate x or y tasks...
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    I lied? When?

    I can write plugin from you request if you want to. But you want something else.
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    ---------- stop ----------

    I edited the plugin request, to make it more understandable.

    If a feature is hard to do, tell me which


    Ok, I will do it (easilly), if you want, you can close this topic, thank you anyway.

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