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    Plugin category: Roleplay

    Suggested name: Random RPG Items or just add this feature to the RPGItem plugin.

    What I want: The plugin would randomly create items with varying stat attributes. Preferably it would be used with the RPG Items plugin (already made). For example:
    This is an item made with the RPG Items plugin. It is a pain to create these, since you have to do every stat attribute manually. With the Random RPG Items plugin, it would randomize the following:
    • One Handed or Two Handed
    • Item type (Sword, Axe, Scythe, Spear)
    • Damage
    • Powers
    • Name
    The power of the an attribute would be determined by its rarity. In the case of Rare, the damage would range from 20-40. In the case of Legendary, it would range in 50-100. This would be customizable in the config.yml file in the following manner:
    Damage range = 40 80
    Powers = potionhit damage, unbreaking

    Ideas for commands: /rpgitem random:[rarity] create *This would create a random item and add it to the current list of items for later use
    /rpgitem random:[rarity] give *This would create an item and automatically give it without adding it to the list.

    Ideas for permissions: rpgitem.create.random

    When I'd like it by: Whenever convenient to anyone.
    EXTRA INFO: The creator of RPGItems (thinkofdeath) says: If you can code feel free to submit a PR to the github repo and I'll add it (If it works :p )

    Bumpity bump

    No-one? RPGItems would allow you to code it and he would add it to his plugin.

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    I've already seen DiabloDrops. It is outdated and a new version called MythicDrops has came out, i've already seen it. I can't use these because I need it to be RPG Items that are randomized, not with vanilla enchants.

    Bumpity bumpity bump

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    Bumpity bumpity bumpity bumpity bump

    God how many bumps do I have to make.

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    Bump D:
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    Bumpity bump
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    So you literally want someone to make you new items with completely brand new custom enchants when most of those can be done with the normal enchants? And if you answer yes then you need to make a heck of a lot more detailed requests with every type of custom enchant you want.
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    There is already a plugin called RPGItems that does this, I just want an addon for it that will create random items for it. The creator gives you permission to write the code: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/rpg-items/
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    So why not ask the creators of that plugin to add it? No reason for a new plugin that needs even later update times, ask the developer of the plugin. And he has a ticket page so you can easily use that to make a request.
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    I did ask the plugin maker. Did you not read my quote? This was his response:
    So since he said someone could code it and he would add it, I am asking here if anyone is up to it.
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    Ah sorry about that then. Hmm well I'm not into extending other plugins so I can't help you, but good luck.
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    You wouldn't necessarily have to extend the plugin, but create a new plugin that would execute all the commands to make an item at once. For example: You would type /randomitem create and it would execute:
    /rpgitem [name] create
    /rpgitetm [name] display [random name]
    I don't expect anyone to do that though, sounds like a pain. But got to have some hope :p


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    I've already mentioned this plugin... It isn't what I want. Thanks though. Bump.
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    You could code it yourself in the time you spent bumping.
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    But bumping is more fun
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    I find coding funner
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    Then you should code it. Bump.
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    You should code it.
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    Are you just bumping it aswell because you want the same thing? Doesn't look like you can code.
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    Install the VariableTriggers plugin and create a script for each thing that needs to be random. Jeez
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    Look at the reply before you. He gave you an answer.
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    Dude just use RPGItems it still works with 1.6.2
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    thats not his problem. His issue is that he wants like randomized RPG items so that when they spawn he can just spawn random ones with random stats and attributes to them. He knows that RPG items already works your not helping the problem gosh read the entire post before replying.

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