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  1. Hello! I'm looking for somebody with enough skill to make something pretty unique, that I've never before seen on a server.

    Plugin category: Mechanics, Fun

    Suggested name: RandomSiege

    What I want: The idea is, that there will be 5 fortresses built on the server. Every 2nd day in Minecraft, one of the fortresses would become sieged by zombies. They would spawn around the fortress and start marching into it. The zombies would all walk to one point in the middle of the fortress(could be a WorldEdit area or just a block they would break/touch). If a player attacks the zombie it would follow him a short distance(lets say 5 blocks), if the player ran too far, it would then continue walking towards the goal, it being the middle of the fortress.
    Each siege would last for 10min, and if no zombies completed their goal of reaching the middle of the fort, every player that participated(could be determined with enough time spent in area, enough mobs killed, or just who was in the area at end), would be awarded with diamonds(configurable amount).

    Ideas for commands: As little commands as possible.
    /rands start - a random siege begins in 5min
    /rands stop - siege in progress is stopped

    Ideas for permissions:
    randomsiege.getreward - player gets reward at the end
    randomsiege.admin - can start/stop sieges

    When I'd like it by: You tell me when you have the time. Would be nice to have during the summer.

    I will completely base a server off this plugin, in which you are guaranteed an admin position, if you would want to play your creation. There will be other benefits, about which we can discuss later on.
    In case you wouldn't want to keep updating the plugin, I have some minor knowledge of java, but am definately willing to learn how to update it to the latest CB, so it would continue living.

    I know it's quite a big request, but all the simple plugins have already been made, and we need something original in online Minecraft again ;)
    I'm counting on finding somebody skilled enough to take on the challenge
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    This sounds like a great idea. I will look into this.
  3. Great! Tell me if you decide to make the whole thing. If you would need help, some more developers can join in, when they are found.

    For any needed details that I may have missed, just post here and I'll surely read and reply!
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    Okay so how do you want this reward system to work? Do you want players to join with a command and they get rewarded that way?
  5. If possible, it would be best to reward all players that are located in a certain radius from the area/block that the zombies try to reach. So that it's not so easy to get rewards by not even trying to defend, it would be good also to count mob kills in that area.
    If the radius idea isn't possible to make, the command idea would be fine also, but it would need to count kills or some other activity in the area, so that the player doesn't just type the command and go afk, then collect the reward.

    Sorry for the late reply, I was away from home.
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    No problem, ok I will probably use the new scoreboard feature. Also, do you want to announce which tower is being attacked?
  7. Yeah it would be nice to announce globally which fort is going to be attacked 15min before the siege starts, and then every 5min until the start. When it ends, it could broadcast a different message depending on the siege outcome (players defended or zombies won)
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    Okay we have run into a major problem. There is no long a way to set a zombie target.
  9. You mean after the 1.6 update it can't be done? I've recently played on a server that had zombies walking on a specified path until they contacted with other zombies or a player and attacked. No idea how they did it, but it looked very well done, and I didn't need to download anything when joining the server.

    If possible, maybe somebody with experience in the area could reply here and help us
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    Okay well it looks like someone was able to help me, development will continue as normal.
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    Just wanted to update you and tell you that everything is going well and I am near alpha release. The last piece of the puzzle is fixing the scoreboard issue I have.
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    Okay the barebones of the plugin is done. Can you do some alpha testing for me? Find the bugs and such? I know the only thing that currently does not work yet is rewarding the player. That will come after I get the basics all done. Let me know thanks.
  13. I'd gladly do some testing mate! I just came back from my vacation, and ready to play some minecraft! Where can I get the .jar of the plugin?
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    Okay so the file can be found here
  15. I've tested it and it looks promising!
    There are still bugs, which I expected in the first release, so as a tester I'll report my findings:
    The zombie pigmen all follow me away from the block they're supposed to attack, and they only spawn really close to the block I've set, and just wander around a bit. There's still no way to actually lose a siege if they reach the tower I think, and the /zs stop command doesn't seem to be working for me.
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    Okay ya so their AI is pretty poor. They have to spawn withing 20 blocks of the chicken in order for it to work at all. If the zombies kill the chicken, you lose the siege. /zs stop is not yet implemented.
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    Im so glad i stumbled upon this, ive been looking forever for a plugin like this. Would you consider making a bukkitdev page for it?
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    I will be, but its no where near ready yet. The core components are there but it needs its rough edges smoothed.

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