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    Hello im looking for a plugin that would let me randomly tp a player to a different world (from spawn --> wild or other)

    this is what I've seen and like but cant find released.

    or some thing like this, i would like to use at my spawn to tp to different worlds.

    Extra: I would also like to learn to dev a small plugin so if you like to help teach me i would love to do that. IM me if so thanks.
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    Trevor1134 Thank you for the links there a great start. "WarpSigns" looks almost what i want but its not random TP. I may grab it and see if i can tinker with it maybe add a [random] option in the blank spot.

    Thanks again.

    EDIT: Found one that is easyer Random Teleport. Now just need to tinker with it so i can have more then one world i can TP to.

    [diamond] <~~~ Diamond for you.

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