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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by JordyPwner, Nov 24, 2014.

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    I know there are random teleport plugins so dont talk about that!

    what i want is when you type /rt <channel> it will random teleports you to one of the setted locations!

    /rt <channel> (teleport to a channel)
    /rt create <channel> (creates a channel)
    /rt setloc <channel> (sets a location of the channel) (more can be setted)

    Maybe bwfcwalshy :D

    I know i tagged him so dont complain about rdm tagging!
  2. JordyPwner So what is a channel? Is it just another name for a type of areas?
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    just a type of name so if you do /rt create test and then use /rt setloc test it will be saved in the list of test
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    Thanks! :)
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    Like this plugin?
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    Already using that one but it sucks. i just want a simple one
  7. Assist Don't mind at all, I have to many to make anyway.
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    Thanks ur great! :p ( no homo :p)
  9. JordyPwner
    Done! Took around 10 minutes.

    Download | Source

    Commands: Main command is /randomtp with aliases /rtp and /rt.
    • /randomtp create <channel>
    • /randomtp add/addloc/addlocation <channel>
    • /randomtp tp/teleport <channel>
    • randomtp.create
    • randomtp.add
    • randomtp.teleport
    Have fun :)
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    I think that it will be better if you put a /rt delete <channel/loc> command. Just an idea.
  11. Apotheose
    Oops, I'll add that right now. Thanks!

    I already have the code written for both of them, just forgot to add the commands. However I'm not too sure how deleting locations would work.

    Edit: Download link has been updated!
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    No problem ! Thanks to you for creating for free plugins. It's really cool !
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    Omfg thanks! Ur great :)

    EDIT: do you allow me to decompile it and use it for my other plugins?
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