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    Plugin category: Fun?

    Suggested name: Random Spawn

    What I want: I need a plugin that allows me to set a Normal spawn, also Respawn and Custom spawn points around the map. So when people first join the server, they will be in a Normal spawn area, and when they do somekind of command, they will randomly spawn to 1 of the Custom spawn points. Also when they die, they need to spawn to the Normal spawn. If you know what MineZ is, you probably know what i mean.

    Ideas for commands:
    /setrandomspawn (creates a spawnpoint for players)
    /delrandomspawn (deletes a spawnpoint)
    /randomspawn (this is spawn you to 1 of the spawnpoints)

    Ideas for permissions:
    rs.set true/false (randomspawn.set) Allows a group to use /setrandomspawn command
    rs.del true/false (randomspawn.delete) Allows a group to use /delrandomspawn command
    rs.spawn true/false (randomspawn.spawn) Allows a group to use the /randomspawn command

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible, take your time.

    I hope you understood what i need, i know there is a similar plugin already made called RandomSpawn, but it doesnt work (for me atleast)

    Anyone? Please... im not sure how hard it is, but i suck at coding.

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    I need this too, this would be great.
  3. Use the Search Bar.
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    I did, i couldnt find anything i need.
  5. I would also want this.
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    I need this, anyone willing to do this? Or give a link to similar plugin that allows me to set the random spawns.
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    I'd love this plugin so much...
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    This has been made so many times, even i could make this now.
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    Nooooot really actually. There are many plugins which:
    • respawn the player at a random location between two points
    • in a specific radius around a set point

    but not pick a random location of the locations you have set already.

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