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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by snivell, Jul 16, 2016.

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    It's been about 2 years. Never thought I'd make another post on this website... anyways, I'm requesting for someone to make a plugin that literally ONLY forces a random spawn point when someone dies/logs in for the first time. No commands, no permissions. Just this single function.

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    Is the area the player spawns in a selected/controlled region?
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    Nope. Any random location throughout the world.
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    I have recently started learning to code plugins. I might be able to do this, let me know. ;)
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    Give it a shot if you'd like. :)
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    So i made your plugin but its having issues setting the spawn, such as itll set the spawn the same place you were last, so what i could do easily and have it done right now and have it teleport them to a random location on death, ultimately its up to you.
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    Yeah I want it to spawn them in a random location after death and the first time spawning in. Does it not do this?
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    Ok but here is the question dude, do you want their spawn to be set where they are teleported after death, or for them to just be teleported, because the problem there is a class method that isnt working for me for setting the home bed.
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    @Hyperenci Use the PlayerJoinEvent and PlayerRespawnEvent and then teleport them to a random location.
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    Thanks ill give it a try! I was using playerjoinevent already but i was using a playerdeathevent before i did respawnevent, well the problem still exists, its teleporting me to the same place on respawn and death no idea why.

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