Random Loot Chests

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: AresCrates

    What I want: Using economy you can buy a selection of three chests:
    Ultra Rare

    When you purchase them they are given out with a high percentage of being common, medium percentage of being rare, and low percentage of being Ultra Rare, then it will give you a chest or something, then when place it has the contents and you can take it.
    If you do for example /buy crate costs $500 (Then it will give you a crate randomly)

    Can items be configurable in config?

    Ideas for commands: /buy crate

    Ideas for permissions: none.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible
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    I would love this plugin!
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    :) If i get it ill be sure to message you :D
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    Hey, I think I can make this plugin for you :) I will let you hear as soon as I make progress.
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