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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Gregory46, Jan 25, 2016.

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    Hey guys, this is what I need. Sorting needs to be completely random.

    1. Player steps on a block selected by an admin. (Sorting hat)
    2. A broadcast with [Sorting Hat] appears: [SortingHat] hmmm.
    3. A broadcast with [SortingHat] {playername} has been sorted into [Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin]
    4. From now on, that player has a prefix in the chat depending on what "house" they were sorted into. like this: &4[G] (Gryffindor), etc...
    5. In the config, I should be able to assign permissions to each house.
    6. If you can, configurable random messages for the sorting hat. (Step 2) such as hmmm. or interesting..

    That's all. Thanks for reading!

    Please don't link me to any plugins that were made specificly for harry potter sorting, If you know any plugins similar to this that allow random group sorting, I would be happy to hear it!

    - Greg

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    Please put this into a grammatical paragraph and I might be able to help.
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    Lol, ok.

    For my server, I need a plugin that sorts users into a random group. Sorting is triggered when a player steps on to the block designated by an op. When a player steps on the designated block, a message is broadcasted: [SortingHat] hmm... or [SortingHat] interesting... I would like the message that gets broadcasted to be configurable, as in I can make a pre-defined list of messages to display. After a few seconds, the plugin broadcasts something like this: [SortingHat]: {player} has been sorted into (Group Name).

    In the config, there should be a list.


    This is where the possible groups are named.
    Group1: Gryffindor
    Group2: Slytherin
    Group3: Hufflepuff
    Group4: Ravenclaw

    All the groups will be pre-made with a permissions plugin. (Pex).

    After the player has been sorted, they will now be in the group that was chosen instead of the old, default group.

    Does this help?
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    I claim this. Im working on it now.
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    Im heading out to eat right now but its about 75% done without testing so far. Once I come back I will finish it.
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    Ethan Rocks 365

    This is sooooo harry potter. I like it. Could i check it out
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    Quick question. Would you like users to teleport after selection?


    I must head to bed but I will finish in the next day or so.
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    @bob0310 nope, if you add that can you make it optional? Also please make it so that you only get sorted once :p
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    Unfortunately I must postpone this project due to schooling. Someone else is able to come pick this up if they want.
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    @bob0310 awee :( if there is anyone who could do this, I would really appreciate it!
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