Random Chest Spawner Plugin *ASKED FOR ALOT*

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    Raw Discovery

    Plugin category: Admin Tools, Fun, Econemy

    Suggested name: ScavengerChest? :D

    What I want: I know this will be a little hard to do, so take your time if it is needed. But what I would LOVE as a plugin for my server is a plugin that randomly spawns chests. Now please do NOT put a comment saying another plugin is just want I want. Because what I am looking for is a plugin that randomly spawns chests around the world, and once someone opens the chests, after they close it, it disappears. that way they cant just keep going to the same area and looting it. and can you make it a radius in which they spawn. i would also LOVE if you could make it a crate so that people cant X-Ray them. CLICK HERE to see what im talking about. And another thing that would be useful is if you could select an area and which you CANT spawn chests.

    Thanks for your help guys. :)

    Ideas for Commands: /sc admin (makes it where you can open them without actually making the items disappear and the chest doesn't go away. it would be helpful to make it toggle like a vanish)

    Ideas for permissions: sc.admin (scavengerchest.admin)

    When I'd like it by: Whenever you can get it done, but I would like it as soon as possible :)
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    Raw Discovery

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    Its actually not too hard, but I am fairly busy, I may try if I have any free time.
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    This is not much to ask for. Your details, even though you do not think so, are very bland.
    What we will need: Spawn rate, define world (you mentioned specific coords... worlds are infinite... we can't just spawn chests out of the generated area. We don't know the chunk which lays there.), crates (esp the one the guy was talking about) would be easy to make. Looking at the other guy's source code for that plugin, I've found nothing but bad habits and ugly code (which i will not ever consider extending in one of my plugins). As for the thought and the experience with servers I feel from you, it is not going to be put to good use. Therefore I will not will not put any time into it. For anybody who wants to make something like this... 4/10 difficulty. (Make sure instead of rewriting the functions for the blocks, you implement the Block.class from the bukkit lib.)

    Also this plugin has no use to be categorized as Admin Tools.

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    you should be able to initiate commands when the crate is opened.

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