RAM per player.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by ARCHIE414, Aug 17, 2013.

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    I am currently looking to purchase a minecraft server and am planning on spending somewhere from $50-$80 a month.

    What I am wondering is about how much ram a server really needs?

    For 50 players?
    For 100?

    Ideally players would be generally grouped up in towns and things but I am sure some will spread out using more ram, about how much should I get though?
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    We need to know what plugins are going to be used.
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    A good rule of thumb is 300MB-500MB per player but that could increase depending on what the server runs: plugins, worlds, ect...
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    I do 75MB each player. Without plugins, etc..... and i works good
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    Presumably an accurate answer would have to be of the form:

    M + N*p

    Where N is number of players, p is player memory footprint, and M is some base overhead amount just for having the server running at all.

    Also, the answer will vary by quite a lot depending on where the players are located on the world map. The server keeps alive a zone of chunks in memory around each player. However, if two players are standing near each other then the zone of chunks around them contains a lot of overlap and the server doesn't waste memory keeping alive two copies of the two players' overlapped chunks - it only needs each chunk in memory once.

    Ten players all sitting in a house together takes up a LOT less memory on the server than ten players each out standing in their own field.
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    300-500 per player? What?

    500mb = ~1/2gb (roughly)
    1000 = ~1gb

    1gb = 2 players?

    I won a free 8gb server and it supports 50 players with loads of plugins just fine. Of course I coded them myself to be optimized, but I've never had an issue.
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    Whoops. I double checked and it was like 100 or something
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    I've had 30 players on my server with 40 plugins, and only around 2 gigs of memory out of the 4 gigs I have allocated to the server process were being used. Essentials' /gc command tells you how much memory your server is using (allocated - free = in use). Start with a gigabyte or so, and if you notice that a lot of GC is going on and killing server performance then allocate more memory. Turning down view-distance in server.properties can really reduce the amount of memory being used as well as server lag. Mine is set to 8 with no player complaints. You could also check out NoSpawnChunks if you're in a situation where memory is a concern.
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    I use 4 gigs for around 60 players just fine.
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    ARCHIE414 - I found that 2 GB was pushing it for 30 players, so this makes sense. 50-100MB should do you well. Again it does depend on the distribution of players in the world, how many plugins you have, and what you've set the view-distance to in the server.properties.
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    I heard about a guy that hosted a 400 players on his faction PvP server with 4 GB of RAM without a crash. O_O
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    ive got a server with 5 gig of ram and i run 100 players easy.
    ive got around 74 plugins and still don't have lagg..
    so i think like 50 mb ram each player may be enough.
    but to be sure you better use 75 mb ram for eah player.
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    It doesn't depend of the amount of plug-ins, it depends on the plugin themselves / on the type of the plugins.
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