Problem/Bug ram is full+ problem with spawnrate

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Phoenixraine, Aug 3, 2021.

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    Hello, i am newbee in plugins etc. I am on 1.17.1 with 1.18 generation datapack and ~20 plugins on Airplane core.

    Problem #1
    When i start server it consumes ~1.5 ram but when >4 people join server in consumes 4gb and if they leave from server it will consumes 4gb (Server has 5 in overall) all time till i restart server. But anyway tps is slways 20. I dont know anything about optimization.
    Problem #2
    Somewhy my server made monster spawn to 7000000 by itself few times in buckit.yml. Why it may happen? Plus when i restore it to default 70 there is too little mobs near players. I suppose this happens because all of mobs are in caves under the players (I can see them here in spectator). Is there a way to make it that mobs will spawn only in 30-40 block near the player?

    sorry for bad eng :(
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