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    Plugin category: RPG

    Suggested name: Races

    What I would like: For this plugin I’d like it to add an RPG Like races and levelling system to the game, where people as soon as they start get to choose a name,age,race and sex.

    Then owner of the server can change the name of the races to many different things not just some set races.
    RPG name (different from your real mc name), race, age, sex (male + female),

    if it’s possible it would be nice for when people speak in chat to show up as the name that they have chosen at the start. (RPG name)

    Then when they have confirmed there name they should be able to make a bio for their character

    for the leveling, maybe something like mcmmo, just with rank restrictions.

    e.g. they have to reach a rank to use a stone,iron. etc sword, armour, whatever.

    they will all have different rank sets... like ,sword, lumberjack,miner,cook and whatever you can think of. it would be good if they could have a set amount of starting points that they can set to classes

    Ideas for commands: for the start of this they could do
    /register <name> <race> <age> <sex>

    Then for the bio set they could do
    /setbio <bio info>

    /setrank level (lvl) <class> <number>

    Permissions: (not used to these so im just guessing)


    - thanks Fire

    anything else needs adding just say :)

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