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    Hello again Bukkiteers!
    A friend and I are starting a server soon, and we thought it would be really fun to have races.
    We thought about it for a while, and decided that the best way to implement it would be a plugin.
    Here's how it would work.

    On spawning for the first time, a player would be given a message automatically. It would say something like:

    Please choose a race. Careful, this is permanent. Your options are /race Example, /race CheesePuffMan, /race Cowfootedbandersnitch

    After typing one of those commands, the player would be given a congratulatory message, and if possible, all players would see a message like:

    Playerdude is a Cowfootedbandersnitch!

    It's okay if it says "a" every time rather than "an," that's not really necessary.
    Now, every time the player speaks, it looks like this:

    [Cowfootedbandersnitch] Playerdude: Example talking! Blahblahblah.

    Unless you aren't the same race as him. This is the fun part.
    In that case, it looks like this:

    [Cowfootedbandersnitch] Playerdude: *You don't speak this language*

    Thing is, not being able to understand other players can get annoying.
    That's where the admin command /teach comes in.
    Basically, it would look like this:

    /teach Playerdude CheesePuffMan

    Then the player sees:

    Congratulations! You now speak CheesePuffMan.

    This whole setup would be configurable (naming races, etc). It's ok if you can only have three races or something like that, but I need at least three.

    I know this is pretty complicated, but is anyone up for the challenge? Thanks guys!
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    Interesting but I think it would almost certainly require a general language everyone can speak.
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    Yes, that might be a good idea I suppose. It could be called "common" or something.
    Also, I forgot to mention, you could switch which language you're speaking by typing something like:

    /speak CheesePuffMan

    or whatever.
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    Nobody's interested? I think lots of people would enjoy this plugin, not just me.
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    This is exactly what I need
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    I need this too, if someone is interested please dev this :3

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