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    Hi, I am looking for a plugin for my server that allows you to join races. I was thinking that the races would have abilities based on permission nodes (sorta like the standard permissions groups) and you would be able to level up and gain more abilities with each level. Thank you!
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    darkdox3 Please use the next format:
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    Hello, I have started new permissions plugin rscPermissions with conditional inheritance of permissions and groups based on serverid, world name, worldguard's region name, player's expirience level and lifetime.
    It is in alpha stage but a lot of features already done.
    I think it can help you to do your server.
    Uploaded files are not approved yet, here is a download link:

    Your races in my treatment are groups, from what the group of your players is inherited with specific levels.
    I also want to create my own RPG server with different groups-cities (via Group Prototyping, read plugin description) and groups-levels (e.g. LowLevelPerms > 10, MidLevelPerms > 100, HiLevelPerms > 500).

    Good luck.

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