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    It's easy, as soon as the player gets hit by ANY mob(including players), they get a speed II effect while wearing this piece of armor. Ninja Sandals. I have one command in mind -
    Holding a pear of CHAIN boots in your hand, and typing /ninjasandals while holding them will allow the player to have Ninja Sandal boots. Any entity that damages the player gives the wearer speed II for 5 seconds right as they are hit. Keep in mind, if the player is holding another item, and not chain boots and tries to execute the /ninjasandals command, will say in THEIR chat &c"You must be holding chain boots!" I would appreciate anyone to take this request. :>
    No perms needed, and I would like it ASAP.
    Version 1.7.5 please.

    Stealth2800 :)

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