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    Tired of lots of typing to teleport yourself or other players? Have you always wanted to be able to set a checkpoint before going on a dangerous mission - and then return if things go bad?

    Quick commands is the plugin for you.


    Teleport commands take the first few initals of a player. For example, to teleport Bob to Lewis, all you need to type is:
    /tp b l
    Nice, huh?
    /tp overrides the existing Bukkit teleport command.
    /cp (checkpoint) lets you set a checkpoint location and return to it later (for example, when you get lost).
    • /tp <targetPlayer> <sourcePlayer> teleports targetPlayer to sourcePlayer
    • /cp set set checkpoint to your current location
    • /cp return to your previous checkpoint
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    The b and l automatically finds online players that name begins with those. This is nothing of your work, this was implemented in Bukkit API.
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