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    Plugin category: Chat Related

    Suggested name: iQuickReply

    What I want: I'd like something like Counter Strike Quick Reply as you guys may know, clicking Z + (1-9) should say a Quick Reply. I'm not trying to say something like this: . I want when you type /a1 it will say a message . So it can be /a1 to /z9, so it should have 234 quick reply message (and those message are configurable) .

    Ideas for commands: /qr reload - reload the plugin
    /qr (alphabert a to z) help - like when you type in /qr a help it will show like this:
    [Quick Reply: A]
    a2:Nice morning.
    a3: Try it out!
    a6:I am very happy!
    a7:Long time no see!
    a8:Vote for this server!
    a9: [Doesn't have available message here, add one!]
    /qr b help for the next page.
    Something like above
    /qr del (a1 to z9) - delete a available message, if theres no message like /qr del a9 , it will show:
    Doesn't have available message at a9, try to add one with /qr add a9 [message]!
    /qr add (a1 to z9) [message] - add one message to a quick reply that doesn't available.
    /a1 , /a2 , /a3 ...... /z7 , /z8 , /z9 - for a quick reply! If there is no message, show this:
    Doesn't have available message at a9, try to add one with /qr add a9 [message]!
    /qr edit (a1 to z9) [message], Edit an exist message to [message]
    /qr noreply - issues this first, then you issues any message you want to send like /a1, basicly it will automatically send the message if you just issues /a1 without /qr noreply, but if you issues /qr noreply first, it will tell you
    No Reply enabled
    Then when you /a1, it won't automatically send the message out, it will ready the message at your chatting bar and you can add some words you'd like then press enter to send the message out! Understand what I'm trying to tell? To disable noreply, issues again /qr noreply and this time it will show:

    No Reply disabled

    Ideas for permissions: qr.reload - reload the plugin(/qr reload), default OP
    qr.use - use /a1 to /z9 - Default OP
    qr.add - add a message (/qr add (a1 to z9) [message]) , default OP
    qr.del - delete a message (/qr del (a1 to z9)) , default OP - use /qr (alphabert) help , default normal player
    qr.edit - to edit message (/qr edit (a1 to z9) [message])
    qr.noreply - to edit the message at your chat bar (/qr noreply) , default OP

    When I'd like it by: A.S.A.P

    Extra: Need it for version 1.7.2 R0.2
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