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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Wolf3141, Apr 22, 2013.

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    I have 8gb and I'd like to dedicate this computer almost entirely to my server. What would you recommend setting the minimum and maximum GB to? I've been looking around but I cant find a good number anywhere.


    <also, with 8gb of RAM and .58mbps of upload speed, will I be able to host up to 5 people?>
    And whats more dependent on plugins, RAM or upload speed. As in, if I add plugins does that require more RAM or Upload Speed primarily?
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    8GB of RAM is really amazing.

    To dedicate more RAM, just right click the batch file and hit Edit. Then you will change the Xmxs or the Xmxg thingy and for you, you will put half of your memory which is 4. so just put 4GB in there or put 4096 MB in there and then you're good to go. I will think you're able to host more than 5 people and for the plugins, the less the better unless you have at least 6GB of RAM and a 2.40 GHz.
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    set the high to 8gb and low to 7gb
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    Yes but doesn't upload speed matter just as much and I only have .58mbps. Also I have 3.1GHz

    People who play on my server complain about lagg but i can never figure out if its their download speed or computer or my servers upload speed. Are you saying with 8gb it aint me with less than 5 people on?

    Also thanks for GB dedication advice.
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