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    1. i have TNT disabled to be placed down (in my survival world) but they can be put into dispensers and be shot out, (i used worldguard flags, and disabled TNT destruction to the environment, but is there a way to just stop TNT to be able to be crafted in the particular world?

    2. is there a way to prevent x-ray texture packs?

    3. (Group-Manager)How to be able to get different permissions in different worlds? (still not solved....)

    4. any plugins to make players only able to speak in chat(and use commands) only every 3 sec(or less, or more,idk) to prevent lag, and spam.

    5.in my survival world when i use worldguard flags, fire spread allow/deny, if i allow wood and blocks and be burnt and disappear, and fire spreads, but if i deny, fire still spreads but blocks cant be burnt and dissappear???

    6.Is there a plugin like dimensional anchors for bukkit?
    so that some chunks/areas are always loaded

    PLS HELP ME :)
    And if you do then THX!
    Pls write anything even if u think i already know :)
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    1. Perhaps prevent TNT all together with essentials' blacklisted items?
    2. Orebufuscator set to mode 2 is effective but not very resource friendly, perhaps turning off proximity hider could allow for a little less lag.
    3. GroupManager creates a seperate folder for each world, make different permissions for them in there.
    4. ChatControl http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/chat-control/
    5. Disable firespread through essentials' config, I find it much more reliable.
    6. I am not entirely sure on this one...
    Edit: Found 6, here you go: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/chunkkeeper/ :)
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    Thx u definately helped me in some questions, but in my group manager, i only have one world file, to set configs, only the world 'world' i know its something to do with mirroring and stuff, groups user, etc, but i have only one world..., how to get more world folders in groupmanager? How to disable tnt completely? I only know how to disable placing it. U helped me with the rest though thx a lot!

    I dont think its that good, becuz maybe u can get lucky in one day and get a ton of diamonds, but making the diamonds obtainable in one day higher, maybe a xray user only gets like 8 a day, (still a lot if he goes on everyday)

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    In your group manager config.yml remove "all-unnamed-worlds" and the Users & Groups below it from the config and save it
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    it doesnt work! look below plz that is my groupmanager config

    and btw, there is 2 worlds i created one is called "Survival" the other "PvPArena" (lol thats my pvp world, it 'was' going to be a arena but then it turned into a world lol)

    # With this enabled anyone set as op has full permissions when managing GroupManager
    # The user will be able to promote players to the same group or even above.
    opOverrides: true

    # Default setting for 'mantogglevalidate'
    # true will cause GroupManager to attempt name matching by default.
    validate_toggle: true
    # ************************************************************************************************************************************************************
    # *** NOTE: Having this feature enabled can allow improper use of Command Blocks which may lead to undesireable permission changes. You have been warned! ***
    # ************************************************************************************************************************************************************
    allow_commandblocks: false

    # How often GroupManager will save it's data back to groups.yml and users.yml
    minutes: 10
    # Number of hours to retain backups (plugins/GroupManager/backup)
    hours: 24

    # Level of detail GroupManager will use when logging.
    level: INFO

    # Worlds listed here have their settings mirrored in their children.
    # The first element 'world' is the main worlds name, and is the parent world.
    # subsequent elements 'world_nether' and 'world_the_end' are worlds which will use
    # the same user/groups files as the parent.
    # the element 'all_unnamed_worlds' specifies all worlds that aren't listed, and automatically mirrors them to it's parent.
    # Each child world can be configured to mirror the 'groups', 'users' or both files from its parent.
    - users
    - groups
    - users
    - groups
    # world2: (World2 would have it's own set of user and groups files)
    # world3:
    # - users (World3 would use the users.yml from world2, but it's own groups.yml)
    # world4:
    # - groups (World4 would use the groups.yml from world2, but it's own users.yml)
    # world5:
    # - world6 (this would cause world6 to mirror both files from world5)

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    Darkmoon22 they dont seem to be mirrored in pasted config, type /manload and see if survival/pvp world folders generate.
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    OMG THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. I have silkspawners plugin and also ProtectionStones, is there anyway to make silk touch not work on certain ores?

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