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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by bluehasia, Jul 6, 2012.

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    My server is growing fast (ok mabye one new user a week) but thats fast for me :p

    i never in the past thought of needing logging plugins because it was small communty but now its getting alot of poeple and i never researched much on loggers

    I know of log blocker to log blocks but im newbish with mysql and not even sure if my hosting service can let me(i do have full ftp access) is this the best block logger? im just looking for something that can keep track of chest access, certain block placement and when some one puts or break signs doors etc

    another logging system i am wondering if exist is if there is a better way to log chats into a separate file especial when a player tries to use a command they don't have access to.

    thanks for your time
    your friendly resident Dragon
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    Thanks for the great replies. read up on both links

    i have another question i was talking to some one i know that does internet security on his take on mysql and he was informing my mysql databases have potionaly to be attack points for attackers and to take extra steps to secure the mysql down. on jwhys links doesn't really talk much into security
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    Just change the standard passwords to your own ones (use PHPMyAdmin for that, should be brought with a AMP-stack)... however my recommendation doesn't use MySQL, it works without it... But if you wanna use a MySQL logger, there shouldn't be a security problem, as the MySQL server is maintained by your hoster.
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    Or more simple - if you are on linux you could use the following one-liner:
    cat /var/minecraft/server.log | grep "was denied access to command." -B1 | cut -d' ' -f4-
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