Python3 instead of Java?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by gearsgod, Sep 30, 2012.

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    After looking at the sources I got thinking, why not just port bukkit into Python3?
    From what I understand, python would make a much better server then using java.
    Or is their some big reason why it must be java that I am missing?
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    I look forward to seeing what you come up with. :)
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    If you could give an example, that'd be great :D
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    I think the main reason is that both minecraft and the default server are made in Java, granted you could still port but I do not believe there is any big difference between Python and Java that would require the port.
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    So you like the idea? ;)
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    It is an interesting concept.
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    An interesting concept but highly impractical.
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    Interesting concept.
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    I really would prefer it not be. Python is nice, but in my opinion Java is better. Java is what Minecraft uses, so Bukkit should use it to so players don't get confused when looking through the NMS code.

    Java 8 isn't too far!
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    My conclusion is typically... "why not just port bukkit into objective-c and run it on iphones" (kidding)

    In all seriousness, I don't see any reason why that would be needed, especially because of the fact that stuff like the MC-API, Mods, and everything at all Minecraft related will be inherently Java (including the NMS server itself), and so I don't see the point in putting in a huge amount of effort to port everything to a new language.
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    Oddly enough while surfing I found a open source C++ port.
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    My thought was that;
    • Python uses memory on the system as is
    • Runs on just as much platforms as java (with the exception of mobile devices)
    • 32/64 interchangeable
    • (opinion) Runs faster due to better cpu support and easy scaling

    I been working on just being able to login at the moment but keep hitting errors :p
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    That was one of the first server software for Minecraft I tried before I found hMod. Sadly, it never got much traction.
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    This couldn't be more wrong. Outside of the narrow field of scientific computing (numpy and friends) Python is one of the slowest programming languages that currently exists, uses a ton of memory, and can't use more than one core without spawning multiple python processes (where for minecraft IPC could kill you). I like Python but don't try to make it something it isn't. In the benchmark game Java is third behind Fortran and C++ and Python is second to last with only Perl coming up slower.
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    Odd, I have always used python for automation task and it always seems to do those within a decent amount of time.
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    Yes, let's break ~20000 plugins and create more hassle for developers and server owners, as well as for Mojang!

    (And most likely drop OS X/Linux support!)
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    Port, not change. :confused:
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    Still gonna be a hassle :p
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    You would not have to use it if you didn't want to.
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    I understand that, but the fact is that devs would have to make a Python version and a Java version. Not to mention he Bukkit team has to make two versions of each Craftbukkit.

    I still think it's way too much work for not too many benefits.
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    You forgot the feature that Python is easier to learn than Java! :D
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    /me disagrees
    java == easy to learn
    python == easy, but annoying
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    Removed offtopic posts. This isn't a thread about learning Java.
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    I've never learned Python actually, and I might want to try it out.
    The simple reason Bukkit is written in Java is that it is built on top of Minecraft (also written in Java). However, it is possible to load plugins in Python using a custom PluginLoader!
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    For the record such a custom plugin loader exists, I'll have to find the link to it later (it's on these forums somewhereabout).
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    There's a Python plugin loader? /me runs outside screaming in joy
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    Minecraft is written in Java, our work is based off the stock Minecraft server. CraftBukkit will never change but you are free to bind Bukkit to a 3rd party python server implementation.
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    I wish there was a dislike button...
    Doesn't matter, we want our plugins written by pros, not by neophytes.
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