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If this plugin was possible and introduced little lag to your server, would you install it?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

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    Plugin category: Mechanics?

    Suggested name: PVPKillcam

    What I want: I would just like to suggest a plugin that would play a killcam, in PVP, to the player that has just died. I am not a coder but I have some reference for the difficulty of coding plugins and this one seems like a challenge. Maybe, you could specify a world and every action by every player in that world would be recorded. Say, Bob got killed by Joe, Bob would then get teleported to a different world/location with the scene of him being killed, recreated right in front of him, so he could see how it happened. If possible, this would record everything from player movement to projectiles. I would imagine that this would be very intensive on the server but I am just curious whether this would ever be possible or not.

    Ideas for commands: No commands would be needed because this all would be automated unless the person would like to skip the killcam in order to avoid lag in which case there could be some command along the lines of /PVPKC disable. And then of course /PVPKC enable to turn it back on again if they would like.

    Ideas for permissions: pvpkc.watch.killcam - Would allow killcams to be played to the player who was killed.

    When I'd like it by: This is not really a request for this plugin to be made, however if someone would like to take it on that would be amazing. So, anytime.
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    This is not possible because, you can not show how he got killed. If you wanted to, you could recreate the situation with mobs, but you cant actually do it with players
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    Yeah.. Still, that would be awesome lol
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    It would :D
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    Could this maybe be with players by using citizens?
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    you can do it with players. use citizens as a base requirement then go off that. or reskin a mod with human features of movement. it is possible in 1.7 maybe not 1.6 but 1.7 yes
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    your right, but this plugin, would cause a LOT of lag if it was a big server. This is because each person would have to be teleported to an individual location, and if 10 people die, the system might glitch.
  8. You can do it with players with the Citizens plugin, if someone makes a plugin that hooks into Citizens
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    PA Minecraft

    You could do something like this:
    A player dies and is greeted with the death screen. There, there is a message (under score) that says "Type /viewkillcam to see how you died" -- or, alternatively, send the message over chat after they spawn. Only keep that death logged for 60 seconds. If the player doesn't activate the killcam before the timer is up, cancel it.
    Also, be sure to implement /cancelkillcam for players & /stopkillcams for admins in the event that they're causing issues.

    The citizens must also be in god mode, to prevent duping of items, etc.

    This plugin would take FOREVER to make & would be very large.. but ti would be insanely interesting.
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