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    Version Request: CB 531, 556 is cool too

    Despite the title, I'm not necessarily looking for a complex system. I'm thinking of something that is similar to whats already released (Buy/sell WG regions, paying money for mining or farming in someone's area) but I'm not looking for iconomy integration or boseconomy.

    A plugin that, when a player wants protection from pvp for a set amount of time, they have to pay with configurable items to obtain that protection. This means no SQL or MySQL. I just want a simple flatfile plugin similar to PreciousStones but a barrier that has a time limit, has a cost to activate, and follows them around only protecting them from harm.

    I've actually tried to think of ways to integrate this in my server without coding but with PreciousStones. The only way I could see it happening was if I made a block a radius of 1 and took the block away after a set amount of time as well as charging them the server currency (glowstone dust using TradeCraft) manually by setting up a shop meant for just taking away their dust so they can get the item.

    Also I searched the plugin request area (both search and manual, manual being slow and search being inefficient) for this type of request and found nothing close to this.

    Edit: Instead of a barrier, you could make it an unused armor piece such as a chainmail helmet and make it break easier when attacked by monsters or taking fall damage and that could be part of the limitations of having an anti-pvp armor.

    Please give me your thoughts and feedback so I know what not to request next time if that is the case.
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    I'm guessing this is too complicated? =(

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