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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Kainzo, Jun 24, 2011.

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    Players can instantly log out during PVP to avoid death.

    Requesting a plugin to be made to keep the player character logged in for another 10-30 seconds so that they can die / etc.

    I havent seen a plugin to do this - theres a few different ways it could be handled.
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    Well there's no way to force the user to keep their client window open but you can make the EntityPlayer stay in the server for extra time. Or if you have an API in Heroes to check if a player currently PvP fighting a player you could just auto give the other player the experience or whatever the other player gets. I'll make a plugin to do this, but why don't you just make it a HeroCraft plugin?
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    Our plate is a little full at the moment. A simple method to keep the entity online so they can lose items if they're trying to avoid death would suffice. When things start smoothing out and this isnt done, we'll make one if there isnt one already.
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    I dont care if they log out - I want their character to be kept online so we can abuse it / have the attacker killer them.
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    Kainzo, I actually coded this, but Grum rejected the pull. I can TRY and see if I can add it to BukkitContrib, but I think I need to control the server code more than I can ATM...
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    That's fine ;)

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