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    Plugin category: Miscellaneous

    Suggested name: PVP_Commands

    What I want:
    - A plugin that will execute a command when you win against a player or a mob.
    - Such as that it executes commands that are set in the config every time you kill a player or mob
    - Also the plugin should also have a option to execute a command when you die (from a player or mob)

    Ideas for commands: N/A

    Ideas for permissions: pvp.command

    When I'd like it by: Soon.
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    I'm confused, you want a command to be executed when a player kills a mob or is killed by a mob?
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    He wants a plugin that each time a player kills something. A player or a mob the client of the player that killed the player/mob executes a command that you could set in the config of the plugin.
    For example if I kill a player the console will run the command /xp add {player} 50 and that will be the command ran when I kill a player.
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    I will look into this.
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    Well, i can make this. If you need any additional, changed or extended version of this plugin start conversation with me or add me on Skype (jonaass11). It should be done soon, mybee in a day or two.

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