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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by nentendomitchell, Aug 25, 2014.

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  1. Hi, My name is Mitchell Braaten. Now, before I get any hate for having this in a "wrong" forum, please, just hear me out real quick.

    I need a plugin or plugin code that is suitable for my server. This plugin is actually called "ZeldaWorld" since I made most of it. BUT I'm having a little trouble with this one little code that I can't seem to fix. It's a PvP Points based code. Now, now, I'm not ripping any other code off of a already existing plugin. I actually wrote my own (well tried) and it didn't go out so well. Basically, it wont save none of the points when you kill a player that has 5 or more points. The main part being a PvP points based code that allows you to get a PvP point every time you've killed a player in game. The amount of points it gives is 5 or more points if you have more then 10 points. If you have less then 5 points, then you will loose no points at all. If you have between 5 - 10 points under your belt, then you will loose 1 point every time you've been killed unless your points drops down to less then 5. But, if you have more then 10 points you loose 5 or more points every time a player kills you unless your points drops down to less then 10 PvP points. I would also like to know how you put a space between the command in game when you do /zw stats. Because right now, you do /zwstats to get your stats and I don't know how to put a space between that. I would also like to have it where other players can see your stats. Also, when you do "/zw stats" it will pop up with how many points a player has along with his/her other stats. I will post a temporary plugin test for you guise to test it out and tamper with. Please note that I can check what you've put in it.

    Download the ZIP file and then extract this into a folder with nothing in it. Then go into your documents or where ever you put your workspace for eclipse in, then import it with eclipse. You'll have to add an external jar file to edit it as well.
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    Maybe try add
    1. + " "

    1. ("message ")

    Note the space after message.
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    nentendomitchell you have to make sure the arg limit is one and check if that first are is "stats" if it isnt for any of this just put a bunch of play.sendmessages saying incorrect syntax or something please use "/zw stats"
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    Moved thread from Plugin Requests to Plugin Development. When you want help with your code for the plugin you are making yourself, post here. Plugin Requests is just for asking people to make a plugin for you, not for coding help.
  5. Guise, make sure to leave examples to me because I'm just starting out on programming. Also, I understand it makes no sense when I say "I'm starting out" even though I made a plugin, I got help lol.

    P.S. Make sure to give me a suitable pvp points code for my plugin if you can.
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    Are you even trying to code it? You're asking to be spoonfed code.
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    It seems that you don't know Java. Generally, you should be learning Java before using the Bukkit API.

    (user asked if he should learn Bukkit before Java, this was my answer)
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    Don't you mean you should learn Java before Bukkit? Your quote by you even says so.
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    That is correct, it was a typo.
  10. If you're using the onCommand() method.... And you still don't know how to "put spaces"... You obviously don't know what it does...
    I'm all for learning java through bukkit. But if you're not willing to look into what it is you're doing means... Then it's really not worth it.
    That third/last argument (Probably the one that says something like String[] args ), is the array that hold all the "extra" values of a command input from a player. If someone said, for example, /ban player reason, and you wanted to get the reason, you would do args[0]. Then if you wanted to get the reason, you'd do args[1]. And so on and so fourth.

    As for your code...
    Nobody in plugin development wants to do it for you. They want to help you learn. I myself am one of them. And I suggest you keep trying on your own until you run into a specific problem that requires a specific answer. Not a wall of code on a silver platter. I'm sure you'll be perfectly capable of figuring it out on your own. Run bug tests. Stick a bunch of messages in there to announce to console when a particular area of code has been run. Try different ways of doing what you want to accomplish. And please... Please make sure that when you do something, you know what it is you're doing. Because the best way to get completely lost in your own work, is to look at someone's code and just accept that what they're doing is what needs to be done. Ask why. Find the answer. And create a unique way of doing it.
    Good luck.
    I'd be glad to hear back from yo.
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    Don't make large plugins if you don't even know Java. Go pay someone.
  12. sparta417
    Some people aren't filthy rich, and have to resort to doing the dirty work themselves.
    Don't discourage him. Just give him a push in the right direction.
  13. Well.... I did a lot of it so, yeah I guess I can say I'm trying to code. And sorry if it seems that way.
    Okay, will do.
    Thank you.
    Like I said before, I know some code, I just don't know a lot. That's the whole point of making this thread to see if anyone can find out why my PvP plugin wont work and if they can, make another PvP plugin that does the same thing as mine and teach it to me. Even though I don't say that, I think it would only be fair on behalf me and the person who "helped" me out. And no, I'm not going to pay someone just for one simple little code that I know can be done no problem.
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