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    On my server people log out often when under attack and wait for people to help them before logging in again, Is it possible to make a plugin that when a player has been attacked by an other player in the last X seconds, and if he then logs out he is killed before he logs out or if that is impossible is it possible to make his full inventory (+ armor) drop instead, and at the same time remove his full inventory from the player and kill him on log in?

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    I run a very heavily PVP-orientated server. I understand your issue and it is an issue I have wrestled with for many months. I did write code to do this, but the problem with this is that some people need to relog because someone is invisible to them. So making everything drop of the relogger would be a big problem.

    At the present, I have a message that is displayed server-wide that the person dishonorably quit during PVP. Then, using my custom warning system, we give them a PVP quitting warning. This for the most part has really cut down on the amount of PVP quitting in battle.

    Another less drastic solution would be to make five items from the player's inventory drop randomly to the ground when he/she quits. Therefore, quitting will suck for the quitting player, but he/she won't be heavily punished if they need to relog due to an invisible player/mob or just crash.
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    Quickbar perhaps?

    Sounds like a great plugin. I'd use it.
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    What is quickbar? :)
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    I'd like to see that too.
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    Search CombatTag, it was just submitted

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