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    Plugin category: MISC.

    Suggested name: PVKarma

    What I want: I want a plugin that has many lightweight useful features, and makes people think your a hacker at first glance. I'll basically have 1 paragraph per feature. This also has a txt file where basically you can put player names and they can kill other players using Invincible if the user is in OHKO and on the list while the victim is not on the list, the victim also won't be able to kill the player although it still looks like they're taking damage, even with OHKO. Let's put it this way, anyone not on the list would be a Rank 2, anyone on it would be Rank 1, Rank 1 can kill Rank 2, but if Rank 2 is invincible, Rank 1 needs OHKO, however, both ranks can't kill players of the same rank. Also, this plugin could be useful in servers that use the Galacticraft mod as it allows players to go in a semi-like creative and still be able to use the space suit, like Tekkit servers.

    Invincible - This basically does as the name suggests, it will basically wait and trigger either when the player with this feature is hit, or when the player loses some hunger. When that happens, his health and hunger are set to 19 (9.5 hearts), the reason it should be 19 and not Minecraft's default 20 is so that they can still eat in this mode. The good thing about this is that if you do get hit it actually looks like you took damage.

    OHKO - This is very simple, you hit something it dies in one hit.

    Instabreak - This is also very simple, you hit a block it breaks instantly

    Karma - This is very interesting, basically if you get hit the other player takes the damage, and if you have the OHKO feature on, the other player dies.

    Duplicator - Basically it looks for any stackable items in your inventory, when the quantity goes below 2, it sets the quantity to 64.

    Ideas for commands:
    /pvkarma (feature) (player) (time) - toggles that feature for a player if the user has the permission pvkarma.give and the permission for that feature, the target player will then receive a message saying "&e &2has toggled &e[feature] &2on you!" and the user will recieve "&2You have toggled &e[feature] &2on &e[target]&2!", if no player is given, it only uses the permission pvkarma.[feature] and toggles it on themself, if they don't have the permission to use that feature, it will say "&4Error 404" to the user in chat, if they do have that feature, it will say "&2Feature Toggled!" to the user in chat, you can also substitute feature for all to toggle all features that you have permissions for or list to list features, also you can set how long a player can have a certain feature, basically if no time is set it will toggle off the next time that player logs in, if a time is set it will stop counting down when the player logs out and continue the next time on his/her next login. /pvkarman - this does the same thing as the /pvkarma command mentioned above, but does not output anything to. /pvk - Shorthand version of /pvkarma /pvn - Shorthand version of /pvkarman

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