PumpkinMachines (Looking for a Dev Team)

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by TheDudeFromCI, Dec 20, 2012.


Do you see this plugin going far?

  1. DEFFINITLY! I've been waiting for this!!

  2. Yes

  3. No

  4. Why would you even ask? OF COURSE NOT!

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    Alright I really don't care anymore

    EDIT: You're still wrong, item names get lost so easily.
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    So much for not caring any more.

    For 1, if you don't allow people to rename the already renamed pumpkins through anvils then how would they get lost if the only people allowed to rename items through another plugin would be the admins?
    2. If someone does something stupid that resets the name of an item then that is their fault.
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    You ever hear of the plugin "MultiInv" ? Or in another form, "Multiverse-inventories" ? Yes, you have because tons of servers use it. When a player switches gamemode or changes world (or logs out?) their inventories get serialized and they lose their item names. I can't see how that's a player's fault.
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    You should really check into your sources better before you post things like this. I took this directly from thesMultiInv main page: "Minecraft 1.4.2 Compatible, including custom head names, dyed leather, and custom item names!" So that wouldn't be a problem. I'm sure that any other plugin that does anything like MultiInv would add keeping track of item names and other NBT data or no one would use them and then they would die out and that would also be the server owner's fault for using a broken plugin.
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    and the dev's fault for releasing a "broken" plugin
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    If I had the time, I'd love to help. However, college has all my time taken up. So best of luck to you! I think this will be an amazing plugin when it's finished.

    Also, to everyone who is saying this isn't possible: This is very possible. Use a little creativity, and you'll see there are usually ways to make things work with what you have.
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    The dev's fault for not updating their plugin
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    Done, I accept. I've co-ran a server for almost 2 years now and am familiar with working with all kinds of people. And I would never steal someone's work without giving credit.
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    I guess they updated then, but regardless, we'll see when this gets released (never).
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    See, now you can't think of any other way that could easily ruin this plugin.
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    Aw man, what the hell is your problem? Seriously, if you have nothing to contribute, just stay quiet. Everything OP plans to do is fully possible with Bukkit and vanilla MC.
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    I would like to help. I never used quarries, but Computercraft turtles. you could use other rare blocks like mushroom blocks (There are many of them) and retexture them with a texture pack. It might look a bit strange, and we cant make cust0m GUIs, but it is possible.
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    No, more like I don't care at this point. Like I said, he'll never release it because it'll never be good enough to not be laughed at.
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    I just wanted to say that this is indeed possible. Our ChunkWars plugin/project uses the concept, and it has no problems so far. You do want to have sufficient coding experience as creating more and more buildings might increase the web of things if you didn't build it on a good basis.

    Here's it in action (a video from a few weeks ago.)

    You can see that it works on the same concept of things. We did use NBT tags instead of using MetaData because we have Stirante in our dev team (PrettyScaryLib). However we did switch over to MetaData and if keep track of things well enough it's pretty do-able. I don't want to talk about too many of our features since it's not yet released but things like custom gui's (in a way) do also work.

    Just putting this message out there because some people were laughing at the idea. I don't think this is what the bukkit community was intented for, we should atleast encourage eachother to be as creative as possible :D
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    That is not anywhere close to what OP is trying to do. You literally had one repeating task. If the OP doesn't want this to be laughable, it requires many different machines that do things like smelt quickly, produce energy, and then there's all of the custom dusts and things. Centrifuges, matterfabricators, pipes, wires, MFE/MFSU, any custom armors, would all not work.
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    *cough*craftbook ic's*cough*
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    I talked about the 'concept', here the concept is keeping tracks of values across the server. You can hook more things into this basic concept and it'll be something like OP suggested.
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    skype name:(tell meh)
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    I see nothing there that is as complicated as tekkit
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    yes but the concept is there.
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    My skype name is TheDude FromCI,

    Alright, your part of the team. Skype name is TheDude FromCI

    Again I say "My goal is NOT to clone tekkit," but to make a fun plugin with ideas similar to tekkit. Tirelessly, so far you have not posted anything useful, and you've only succeeded in causing a large argument. If you have nothing useful to post, please drop the discussion and leave. Thank you.

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    " For example, this pumpkin might represent a Mining Quarry, and this one a Solar Panel. Of course, this is only the basic idea for it. No, it won't be a copy of Tekkit, it will be original."

    Sounds real original
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    My plugin CraftFactory does the exact same thing and I have a lot of it done by myself. You can check it out bellow if you wanna see how I built mine.
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    Tirelessly... seriously? I get your objections to this, but let him at least try, as it is somewhat possible to do.
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    for 1. Stop being a dick with no life. If you don't think it can be done you don't have to be an ass trying to knock the idea down at every chance you get.
    2. he NEVER said he was making tekkit, he said he was using some ideas from tekkit like the mining quarry and solar panels. Never did he ever say he was going to make "custom dusts and things. Centrifuges, matterfabricators, pipes, wires, MFE/MFSU, any custom armors" which, by the way, is all completely possible with the addition of NBTTags for the custom items/armors and for the machines/pipes/wires it just requires the ability to be able to keep track of all of that. There are already plugins out there that add in pipes for the transportation of items and wires would be a lot easier to do as you don't actually have to send any physical items through them.

    EDIT: as another point who gives a fuck if people laugh at this. People laugh at my plugins all the time and I still stay with them. If people wouldn't do something just because others might laugh at them then we wouldn't even have a spoken or written language today if the human race would even be alive as I'm am 100% certain that there were at least a few early humans would have found the idea of writing anything down or making tools or hunting animals above gathering plants or gathering plants above hunting animals completely laughable.
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    Shh I'm having fun, look how mad Jogy34 is
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    1. I'm not mad you are just being a dick so I'm trying to ward you off from discouraging people to try to do anything in the least bit complicated because you don't have the skill to do it yourself.
    2. Now you are just trying to play the whole thing off like it was just a joke because you can't think of anything to combat what I said.
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    Show Spoiler
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    I didn't even read what you just said, honestly. You have fun making a stupid plugin you'll never finish if you want.
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    I will. Programming is fun whether it has a point or not like, I don't know, minecraft, bukkit, CoD, actually any video game ever made, you know... the stuff that made you have no life.
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