Problem/Bug Protection Stones internal error.

Discussion in 'General Help' started by j3rkaholic, May 24, 2015.

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    When I do /ps flag use allow, or any flag it always says "An internal error has occurred while attempting to perform this command" Why does it say this? And I also have the world gaurd plugin installed. Someone please help me fix this? :D
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    its a useless half of the log, there may be much more prior to that.
    What do you mean "do the full log" ? "As much as I can see" ..are you copy/pasting from a hosting console display?
    Go straight to the log file itself.

    Restart the server fresh first, that will make the smallest log possible to pastebin. But do go to the log file in full.
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    Like this?
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    That still looks like it starts late in the sequence...
    You never answered .. are you just trying to copy/paste from a display view/console view /log-view on a hosted server interface? If so, that would be why, they only display the last n-lines of a file.
    You need to access the actual files, find the actual file, view the contents or download it, because a full startup sequence is much bigger than any interface will show. And all the useful stuff is in the first part that isn't displayed
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    @j3rkaholic Go to /logs/latest.log and put the contents in a pastebin.
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    The version of Pro Stones you have appears that it should work on spigot 1.8... There are no give-away signs from the startup of issues, the forum threads indicate its okay..

    (Your votifier needs to be configured differently - you're using a shared-ip hosting, someone else is using the default port for votifier - try assiging a votifier port that is randomly 20 to 50 larger, mathematically, to see if it clears the error indicating that that port is available. )

    Would need to see what blast of error is generated in the console/log at the moment you use the command that generates the internal error, in order to do some digging - unless someone else has an idea at this point.
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