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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Lord Chaos, Mar 7, 2011.

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    Lord Chaos

    I have searched and searched, and all I come up are plugins that either doesn't work right or doesn't work with remote web host. There's one that uploads stats to a common server for everyone, but I don't want that.

    Does anyone know of a proper web stats for minecraft (running on Windows Server 2008) that can have its stats pulled from a web page externally?

    I thought I saw one a few days ago, that even had a web page you could upload with pretty stats, but can't find it anymore.

    Help would be appreciated.
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    Lord Chaos

    The bbstats is something a bit different, it doesn't display total online time, online status and all that. (nor can I get it to work, as it won't connect to the mysql DB remotely)
    Still searching around, can't seem to find any that work right with a remote webserver. :/ Would really like to show online stats and such on a web page, so people can see that there are activity and people are on.
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    Lord Chaos

    Thanks, thats a great plugin :)
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    You can use the McMyAdmin API to privately pull data you want about your server :)
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