Solved Proper way to have a 24 hour server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by grant1222, May 11, 2012.

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    I'm wanting to start off with my server being online for 12 hours at a time, then eventually move into a 24 hour server. Is there any recommendations as to how to do this without making my computer blow up from the server constantly being online? Thanks.
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    yea just dont shut down your pc

    well just reset it each 12 h and it wont blow up for sure but for sure reset it sometimes
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    Rent a server from Beastnode, Multiplay or Nitrous networks. Biggest and best minecraft hosters out there:)
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    add to the list:p
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    Give your server folder to and they do the rest for no extra charge. they are sooooooooo helpful with their ticket system they reply in mins also they set u up and help with MySQL and stuff for no extra charge

    I am not staff there just a coustomer... :D
    Sorry just a recommendation :D

    And their 24/7 lol
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    Real fun is when you have server with fresh linux and only ssh. Trust me :D
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    Where exactly do you see this?

    I have been looking on their site, but nowhere do I see that.
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    What u mean...?

    I use them so ik...

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    Do you have to email them or something?

    I have been looking on their website for a while now.
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    Well that sounds cool! One question though. When I want to add, update, or change something with my server, would I just resend them the server folder and have them erase the old one?
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    To disprove that I opened a ticket.

    This is what he said:


    Sorry not sure who said we do this because I will not allow that.

    Managing Director, Systems Administrator
    EnviousHost Ltd | [email protected]

    I was wondering if I could send you my small file for you host?

    Someone on the bukkit forums said you did this. I would be willing to pay, but my internet is bad and my hard drive is slow.

    Thank you.

    No company will host for free. It's just not going to happen.
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    He/She never said they'd host for free. The person you're implying is lying, is implying that if you pay for hosting, you can send them your Minecraft server folder, and they'll install it for you
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    Well that's a shame. Thanks for the help anyway. Wish my computer luck.....
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    "Send them a file" - No, this is dedicated hosting, to put it in Lehmanns terms, you put your server on another computer that is not used for anything else except for hosting your server and if you pay THEM to manage it, "they'll do the rest" but if you don't, you do everything and pay them for the usage of the computer.

    No dedi is free, but it is the only option if you want to host a stable server 24/7
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    If you want to add something or edit it go into the fille manager then just edit ir change or add from there

    You don't HAVE to send them your server folder it just if you already have a server on your pc

    So did u choose them?

    Thats right i never said it was free...

    I never said it was free... ;/

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    My post was aimed at the people who assumed it was free, not you ;)
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    Don't forget about MinecraftLayer!
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    Shut the fuck up.
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    I once had

    It crashed in the first 4 days I used it,


    I am still trying to find a new host though :O
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    Lmao. Still get a chuckle on my comment.

    Sorry Bukkit Staff, won't happen again!
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    .... Hahahahaha?

    (Retard!) :)
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    thxs you for ur kind doings.
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    I cnat red taht writin
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