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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by AlanIsPro, Jan 3, 2012.

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    I had an idea for a plug-in but unfortunately, I am dumb and don't know this kind of stuff. So I registered here in hopes to see if someone could make something like this:
    I was thinking that there should be special signs that when you right click them you get promoted from a certain rank to another rank. If this has already been made I truly apologize to the creator of the plug-in for somewhat stealing his idea. And if it has been made I'd appreciate a link.
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    Welcome to the bukkit community, if no one can find you this plugin I will take it on for you :)
    Will Check back every now and then
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    I'll shamelessly promote my own plugin here:

    You can create scrollable signs (or maps, or spout menus) connected to command menus which can run whatever command you want to configure, including a command to promote users (obviously the command depends on the permissions plugin you're using).

    In the interests of being even-handed, I'll also mention by @HansAnderson (a rewrite of Fluff's original CommandSigns plugin) - it's more narrowly focused on just clicking a sign and executing a command in response.
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    Yeah I am going to need a little more help as to what to type in commandsigns or in your plugin so that it does
    /pex PlayerName set group Member
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    Serversigns, it works, its easy its better than commandsigns.

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