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    Raw Discovery

    Plugin category: Admin Tools

    Suggested name: Something like WorldPromoter or something to that extent.

    What I want: I would love for someone to make a plugin like easy promoter but as you know they stopped working on it and no longer works. If you look at that page it will explain most of what i need, but I will still post it here.

    I would like there to just be an easy way to promote in all worlds instead of having to do /manselect world every time and in every world, it would also make it easier for my Buycraft, And also it would be alot easier for people if it could work with PEX and Group Manager (I personally need it for group manager). And also this is widely needed as I have seen tons of forums made for this and no answers :( thanks alot guys and good luck to you all on this plugin! It shouldnt be too hard if you think about it, but thank you all!

    Ideas for commands: /Promote RawDiscovery Owner, and that make me owner in all worlds.

    Ideas for permissions: WorldPromoter.promote,

    When I'd like it by: Take your time :)
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    Raw Discovery
    Hey, I'll have this done for you, I'll keep you posted.
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    Raw Discovery

    Thanks Bro, Means Alot :) alot of people need this too so if you make it public i will go on the forum pages and post your plugin link :D (if you want me too)
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    Thanks i really need this aswell! :D
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    Raw Discovery

    it working out ok? just checking up :)
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    The Fancy Whale

    Group manager has this feature build in... Just make all of the worlds share users
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    Raw Discovery

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