Solved ProjectileLaunchEvent and getting a players name.

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    Hi, I'm creating a plugin that allows players with the correct permission node to run /fireball to switch arrows to fireballs. So far shooting fireballs from the bow works, I have a permission set up to run the command, and I have an arraylist which will hold playernames that run /fireball. I would like to make it so that when a player shoots an arrow it will check to see if the player name is on the arraylist, and if so then change to the arrow to a fireball.

    I guess the main issue is trying to get the player's name in this event. I know how to check if an arraylist contains a player's name.

    Here is my code for creating the fireball (My arraylist is called "fireball" by the way) :

        public void onLaunch(ProjectileLaunchEvent e) {
            if (e.getEntity() instanceof Arrow) {
                Arrow a = (Arrow) e.getEntity();
                if(a.getShooter() instanceof Player) {
                    LivingEntity player = a.getShooter();
                    final CraftFireball fireball = (CraftFireball) player.getWorld().spawn(player.getEyeLocation().toVector().add(player.getLocation().getDirection().multiply(2)).toLocation(player.getWorld()), Fireball.class);
                    ((Fireball) fireball).setShooter(player);
    Any help offered is greatly appreciated!
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    I shouldn't post dev assistance threads when I'm sleep deprived! :p

    Thank you regardless though :)
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