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    Plugin category: Projeciles

    Suggested name: ProjectileEffects

    What I want: I would like a plugin that you can customize the effects on the event of getting hit on by a projectile. (Egg, Snowball, Arrow, Enderpearl ect.) I would like this configurable in the config such as snowball:
    - 1:2, 10
    For example if you got hit by a snowball you would get speed II for 10 seconds. The config would be based on the minecraft effects, (1-23) then followed by a comma, then the time. (Seconds)

    Ideas for commands: /pe reload -reloads the plugin and updates the config.

    Ideas for permissions: pe.reload -Able to reload the plugin

    When I'd like it by: I would like it in at least a month, yet I am very flexible:p
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    I can do this (;

    @EDIT: done (; Click the .jar and "View raw" to download.

    Permission: projectileeffect.reload and .receive
    Command: /projfx - to reload

    PotionEffectType and EntityType are used on config.
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    Thank you!

    rfsantos1996 Could you make me an example plugin? I am not really sure how to do this type of thing, yet I will try. It would be much easier for me to see you lead by example. If this is at all possible, that would be great!


    I think this is how I do it. I havent gotten the chance to test yet, but I think I got the hang of it!
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    (entity type);(potion effect type);(amplifier);(duration)

    Entity type can be arrow, snowball, players, projectiles, etc, not just splash potion and things like that (;
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    I finally got to try it out and it works amazing. I couldn't thank you enough!
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    You are welcome, anything you want reply please xD
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